Understanding Auto Glass Basics

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lD3Sr9i6pCsdl5b4FclTJG55u1o-QGWTJHhAcEHb5mc  The auto glass world can sometimes get confusing. With the different types of windows all over a vehicle and the various tools and services offered, a little confusion is certainly understandable. Once you establish an understanding of the basics, most windows are easy to identify. Knowing this basic terminology can go a long way towards helping motorists get the glass services they need and the value they want. You can find a glossary of terms here to help you better define difficult concepts.

Window Types:

The large piece of glass that protects the driver from wind and road hazards is the windshield. The rear window is generally windshield-sized but may not wrap around quite as far, and is located in the back of the vehicle. The front and rear door windows typically roll up and down and sit in the door. Rear quarter windows are used in larger vehicles to give all-around visibility, and vent windows are the small, usually triangular pieces that help frame out many window shapes. Most vents don’t open in modern vehicles.


Different type of windshields on a car.

Window Functionality:

Tracks keep the windows in their place in the door as they go up and down. The window regulator is the device that moves windows up and down in the tracks. A handle connects to the window regulator on non-powered models, and in powered windows the window motor supplies power to the regulator. The window molding holds the windshield in place and various adhesives can be used to keep the windshield molding secure.

Tools and Services:

Many windshield repair tools on the market involve fusing resin and glass to repair the windshield itself. A windshield molding release tool is a knife-like object used to cut the molding away from the vehicle. Some technicians use a heat gun to rapidly dry the adhesives. A good pair of gloves go a long way in the auto glass industry.

Understanding these industry basics can help drivers have conversations with their technician. Knowing what is required to fix or replace auto glass is the first step in knowing what these services should cost. Drivers who can keep in mind the basics to windows, window functionality and the tools and services used will find auto glass mishaps far easier to navigate.

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The Windshield Installation Process.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

The windshield glass installation is fairly easy to understand but difficult to master process. It does require specialty tools and materials and is only preformed safely when done by a trained technician using the proper tools. Normally windshield installation takes place during a windshield replacement so those steps will be covered as well.

First off, during a windshield replacement, the old glass must be removed. This usually involves chipping away fragmented pieces while large pieces or mostly intact windows can simply be cut loose and removed mostly intact. The full shape of the old windshield will need to be unscrewed and any panels over top of the windshield area removed as well. Once the windshield has been removed entirely and all glass and original adhesive strips removed then the area where the new windshield will adhere is thoroughly cleaned with a chemical primer, not unlike the type used in plumbing.

Normally the exact type of windshield  for a vehicle is already known by a shop based on vehicle make model and year, and will be available at most better windshield replacement or repair shops. Once the old window components are removed and cleaned the new window is cleaned with a primer as the location was. A long strip of adhesive is then placed onto the vehicle and the window lowered into place. The window is then screwed down and panels and components put in place, after a minimum drying time, the new window is as good as new. While the cleanliness of a repair shop is often preferred these services can normally be preformed at any location.


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