Mobile auto glass repair has more than a few benefits. A typical mobile auto glass technician can repair chips cracks and dings in a wide range of laminated glass surfaces. In many cases, this includes glass damage around the home. When calling for mobile auto glass repairs, it is always a good idea to mention any other glass replacement or repair or replacement you may need. Even if the auto glass specialist doesn’t have the repair materials you need, they can probably point you in the right direction. Many auto glass specialists can perform additional services on site as well, including window motor repair, wiper replacement and, in some cases, window tinting.

Make sure to ask your auto glass repair technician or service what all types of service they provide, as they may be able to save you time and money, as well as fixing or replacing your broken auto glass. Many auto glass repair services tend to stock a wide range of glass and may be able to provide new glass table tops, windows or other basic glass work for the home. Small chips, cracks and dents in home glass can also be repaired by an expert auto glass service technician with the proper tools.

Beyond actual glass repair, mobile auto glass specialists can often repair auto glass components like motors, window assemblies and cracked or broken mirror components. Even if an auto glass specialist can’t perform home glass repair, they likely can point customers in the right direction to get the glass repairs they need. Auto glass specialists can almost always perform any and all auto glass repairs or replacements on site. Usually on site work is even cheaper than going to a non-specialist shop to have auto glass work done in the first place.



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There is no need to call for a tow when you could call for mobile glass repair. Drivers often feel like calling for a tow adds insult to injury. In addition to whatever problems the vehicle is currently having, and the costs to have them fixed, a towing service can add anywhere from fifty to one hundred and fifty dollars in costs. For mechanical, electrical and other problems that prevent the vehicle from being driven, this can be unavoidable. For auto glass damage that prevents driving, there is a cheap and simple solution in mobile glass repair. Mobile glass repair services can perform glass repair, or replacement, on site. Many mobile glass specialists offer significant discounts beyond the savings of time and money that having them come to you can provide.

Mobile auto glass specialists are typically available in urban areas as well as many rural communities. If one is not immediately nearby, calling the nearest mobile auto glass specialists in an urban location can’t hurt. A mobile glass repair service will often travel beyond the confines of a city or small community to help drivers in the region. Mobile auto glass service is almost guaranteed to be cheaper than calling for a tow. Most auto glass specialists also offer significantly lower rates for glass repair and replacement than full service shops. If your vehicle has auto glass damage that prevents it from driving, like major cracks, shatters or gouges, a mobile auto glass service can save you time as well as money. Call a mobile glass repair service before you call for a tow.


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Don’t Drive With a Damaged Windshield.

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 Under Mobile Glass Repair, Uncategorized

Driving with broken auto glass is pretty much always a bad idea. Cracked, chipped and damaged windshields pose several risks to drivers. Minor damage can spread quickly when any stresses are applied. Nearly all of these can represent a distraction or danger to the driver. In many locations, driving with significant windshield damage is illegal. Mobile glass repair services are readily available for drivers who need auto glass replacement but cannot drive due to the damage.

Driving with auto glass damage is dangerous in a few different ways. Chips can turn into cracks and then spiderwebs style cracks quickly in cold climates. All of these minor damages can prevent roadside visibility. Deep cracks, shatters and other major damage risks breaking free and injuring or severely distracting the driver. A driver should avoid moving the vehicle with major auto glass damage. Drivers should seriously consider not driving the vehicle with even minor auto glass damage.

Driving with windshield damage can also be a bad idea because it’s illegal in many places. Driving with major auto glass damage is considered a distraction or driving hazard in many cities. Driving with windshield shatters or a risk of flying glass can even be considered reckless operations in some jurisdictions. Even when not illegal it can warrant a roadside vehicle inspection, something most drivers would prefer to avoid.

There’s really nothing that makes driving with a broken windshield a good idea. It risks further damage, distraction and injury. Damaged windshields can be illegal on many levels. Mobile glass repair is available to help drivers with all manner of auto glass damage. Drivers who prefer safe traveling with minimum hassle are advised to call for mobile glass repair.

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Getting the Most From Auto Glass Repair Services.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Typically a major auto glass break is a trying experience. Driving with major windshield damage or a missing or severely broken window is not convenient even in the summer.  In a rainy spring or autumn or on a cold winter it can be downright difficult to drive. Take the distress of weather and a potential windshield shatter and add the cost of buying a replacement windshield or window at a standard auto body shop or dealership repair center and it’s downright stressful. There are a few easy ways to get the most of an auto glass repair experience and make it easier on the wallet and on the nerves. The easiest of these are finding deep discount auto glass shops and getting the most value out of the service once you’ve found them.

Discounts Discounts Discounts:

Full mark up makes for a pretty expensive car repair. Particular for a non moving or non mechanical part. In almost all rural and urban areas there will be options when it comes to glass repair and installation. Deep discount auto glass is available in most specialty shops.

Mobile Auto Glass Saves Time and Money:

Many auto glass services, particularly in rural areas, now offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement. Certified techs can take everything they need in a service van or truck to repair most minor cracks, chips and breaks. Most mobile glass repair services can install a full windshield and preform repairs on home glass as well.

Getting the most out of an auto glass repair service is simple. Doing research and finding a discount shop will offer significant savings. Using a mobile auto glass service saves time and gas money making the process easier and more affordable.


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