Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

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Car insurance laws vary from state to state, but all states include some type of car insurance coverage requirement. That means almost every driver is looking to save a little money on their auto insurance. If your vehicle is damaged or you’re in an accident, car insurance can protect you, your family, and your vehicle.

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Understanding exactly what type of insurance is required and value shopping for that insurance goes a long way. Looking for discounts in the long term is a good option as many competitive insurance companies offer different discounts and rewards. Discounts are often available for non-smokers, college graduates and drivers with good credit ratings. Companies can also offer discounts for certain age groups, not having accidents or maintaining proper speed as checked by an in-car sensor.

The key to getting the most value out of insurance is knowing what’s required by both the state and the driver. Bodily Injury is the minimal requirement in many states, but drivers might do better with a slightly enhanced policy or comprehensive coverage. This depends largely on the risk of other vehicles in a location and a number of other factors. Once a driver knows the policy they need, shopping around both the big name insurance companies as well as smaller local firms is advised. It doesn’t hurt to actively compare rates and see if discounts are available.


Bodily Injury Liability: Provides coverage in case you cause an accident in which another person or people are hurt. It covers the damages that you’re legally responsible for and provides a legal defense if someone sues you for damages.

Comprehensive Coverage: Protects you against vehicle damage not caused by a collision, such as theft, vandalism, natural disasters, falling objects, and more. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of auto glass repair and replacement if you have comprehensive coverage.

For incidents that require auto glass repair and replacement services, insurance companies will more readily choose shops on an approved list or that offer a preferred rate to insured drivers. Most reputable auto glass shops preform both minor and major repair work for insurance companies and help insured drivers work with their insurance company to file a claim.

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In states such as Kentucky, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts, New York and South Carolina, no-deductible policies are available either as part of your insurance policy or as an add-on which could reduce the cost of your auto glass replacement or even make it free to you. For more information on these Zero-Deductible States, see our Florida shop pages for Pensacola and Jacksonville and our Arizona shop pages for Mesa and Phoenix.

Drivers can look for several ways to save on auto insurance. Shopping for the lowest rate helps upfront costs. Earned discounts and savings can help with the long term costs of insurance. Dealing with reputable auto glass shops that work with insurance companies can save you both time and money.

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Insurance Tip: Premium Vs Deductible.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jan 21, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

The two biggest costs associated with auto insurance are the premium and deductible. The premium is the total yearly cost of the insurance, usually paid monthly, yearly or quarterly. The deductible is the cost paid when calling the insurance to make a payment in the case of an auto accident. Typically the relationship between an auto insurance premium and deductible are inverse, or opposite one another. When premiums are low, deductibles are high, and the opposite is also true. It’s important to get the right deductible, and the right premium, for the insurance policy that best suits you.

For drivers who don’t drive often, avoid accidents and don’t have regular auto glass or auto body damage due to weather. A low premium, high deductible, plan is often the best idea. This allows drivers to save on the overall payments over the course of the year, assuming they won’t get into any accidents. This type of plan can be risky for anyone living on a fixed budget. Even thought he insurance will usually cover major damage, a high deductible can range anywhere from $500-$1500 or more dollars.

For drivers in who must be on the road regularly, drivers who deal with major weather damage or drive through more dangerous or high traffic areas, a low deductible plan is usually the better choice. A low deductible means a driver pays little in an emergency that calls for insurance, but generally a higher premium. High monthly payments aren’t ideal for anyone but fit many budgets better than a major deductible in the case of an emergency.

Drivers who can find a decent balance of premium and deductible that fits their budget and needs are getting the most of their insurance. A wide range of deductible and premium options are available. Many insurance companies offer special rates on both options.

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Insurance Tips: New Year, New Policy.

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The start of a new year can be a great time to consider looking for a new insurance policy. Most policy changes take place at the new year, so it is common for insurance to send new packets with adjust rates for the new year. The easiest time to compare the details of a newly updated policy can be when comparing it to other newly available options in the insurance market. Purchasing a new policy early in the new year can lead to added savings for yearly safe driving rewards programs.

Insurance companies often release the newest rates available to customers on the first of the year. This typically means hundreds of new policy options become available on the market. As each insurer wants to implement these policies early in the year, discounts and perks are often available early in the year.

An insurance contract is typically fairly large in terms of a document to read. Many policy owners find it laborious to read through policy options repeatedly throughout the year. Drivers can save quite a bit of time by doing comparison shopping when their own yearly updated policy arrives for inspection.

Many insurance companies offer a discounted rate to drivers with multiple years of safe driving in their history. The new year can represent a turning point for a policy holder based on age or length of time driving without an accident. Checking into the discounts and options available for good driving early in the year can save drivers money throughout the whole year.

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Auto Glass Tips: Only Use Reputable Services.

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When shopping around for auto glass repair and replacement services it is imperative to use reputable services that offer scrupulous practices and reasonable rates. There are a few simple tips to assuring you find a quality auto glass service. Always go to a service shop or call a shop affiliated mobile service. Avoid walk up offers of auto glass repair or replacement as a rule. Avoid services that can’t give a printed or online estimate up front.

The first step in finding a reputable service is to compare rates. An extremely high up front rate is a sure sign of price gouging and a shop to be avoided. Unfortunately this moves many dealerships near the top of the list. This is mostly due to the prevalence of auto glass discounters and specialty shops in the modern market.


Some drivers are confronted with a windshield washer or street style offer to replace a windshield at no cost. This is almost certainly a terrible way to consider replacing a windshield  This type of walk up is generally a scam to bill an insurance company high rates, likely raising a premium or voiding a policy altogether. Always go to a reputable auto glass repair service with at least a business license and professional surroundings or service.

Getting an estimate is essential to ensure you have found a reputable service. A auto glass estimate, or quote, should be easy to access in print online or in standard writing. The service should preform the work in a reasonable amount of time and honor the estimate, or come as close to it as possible. If a shop can’t give an estimate, it is advisable to shop elsewhere.


Using a reputable auto glass service is the surest way to get value and a quality auto glass repair or replacement. Comparing rates to ensure a shop is within industry standards is always a good idea. Never use a service off the street or an offer from someone not at or representing a licensed business. Make sure your auto glass repair shop seems professional and has the proper licenses. If you follow these tips and get an estimate up front you should have no problem with finding a reputable auto glass service.

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Insurance Auto Glass Specials are the New Normal.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Everyone knows that insurance is supposed to pay for auto damage. That includes auto glass damage when it occurs as well as auto body and collision damage. Many drivers don’t think to use their insurance when a minor glass crack or break occurs but often it is a very simple and efficient matter to have insurance pay for an auto glass repair or replacement. Looking for preferred rates and pre-negotiated rates is a great way to ensure premiums stay even and everyone saves money.

In inclement weather and on rocky roads the potential for auto glass chips, scratches and dents is pretty significant. What many drivers don’t consider is that these minor damages lead to more major damages which in turn can cost an insurance company far more money than a simple repair will. At the same time and insurance company is bound to prefer a shop with the lowest rate available for them.

Additionally most insurance companies have a negotiated rate with a repair shop. Additionally many auto repair shops, including auto glass specialty shops have a premium rate they offer insurance companies in order to ensure repeat business. Between the two drivers are guaranteed a low deductible if any at all on basic auto glass repair and restoration services.

Using insurance whenever possible without an adjustment to premiums or deductibles is the best way for a driver to make use of a service they pay regularly for. Making sure they are using preferred auto glass shops and shops with a pre-negotiated rate is the best way to save on a deductible.

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