Insurance Tips: Get to Know Your Agent.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 24, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Becoming friendly¬†with your insurance companies’ employees isn’t one of the insurance tips people expect to hear. Drivers often think of insurance companies and nameless and faceless entities. In many cases, drivers can even feel they have a bit of an adversarial relationship with their insurance company. Drivers pay monthly into an insurance policy, and every driver has heard the horror stories of insurance companies refusing payment out of hand.

One insurance tip we can give drivers is not to listen to all of the negative press concerning an insurance company. In fact, drivers who get to know their insurance agent and insurance adjuster typically say that they are the ones who make the recovery bearable after an accident. A friendly insurance agent and insurance adjuster can act as an advocate inside an insurance agency. Working to get you a payment after an accident, as well as to get you the lowest rates and newest offers. More importantly, a motivated insurance company can do a world of good and when dealing with the competition after an accident.

An insurance agent, particularly one from a smaller provider, can be a real help to drivers looking to buy, expand or update a policy. A concerned insurance agent can usually find several discounts, special offers and bonuses to add to the value of a new policy. This can be extremely valuable when it comes time to renew a policy as typically drivers do not receive new offers or options without inquiring.

A friendly insurance adjuster can do a world of good for a driver in a contested accident. A friendly insurance adjuster cannot do anything unethical in the process of providing aid. That said, they do tend to know the best ways to save their own company money. This means that they can work with drivers and offer coaching, advice and aid after an accident. Staying friendly with your insurance agent and adjuster is one of the best insurance tips we can offer.

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