Mobile Auto Glass is The New Normal.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Sep 11, 2012 Under Mobile Glass Repair

When drivers are facing a major windshield repair they tend to be a little stressed out. Major cracks, holes, shatters and even wide sets of chips present a wide range of difficulty. Chips and cracks can reduce visibility and obscure road hazards. Holes and shatters cause major distractions in terms of wind, debris and safety in general. Even minor damage reduces the overall integrity of the windshield, making it far more likely to suffer increasingly worse damage from strikes from weather or debris. Even simple roadside stresses like high speed turns or mild weather can cause an already damaged window to degenerate further. In short this means that most drivers would prefer not to drive with a damaged windshield. This has mobile auto glass replacement the preferred option for drivers all over the country.

While mobile glass repair and auto glass installation do present unique challenges that repair in the shop does not, most reputable auto glass repair and replacement shops do offer a mobile service. The that glass repair shops offer mobile glass repair and replacement services at the same rates they offer services in the shop are obviously the busiest and most popular options in a community. Both because of the service and value they offer drivers.

Most mobile glass repair services are set to work on all types of glass on location, not only vehicles as someone may expect. Many mobile glass repair services offer home glass repair and installation as well as vehicle. This type of mobile service keeps drivers safe and makes things that much easier for motorists. Having glass repair preformed at the location of you choice with no addition cost is a no-brainer. It’s easier, safer and more convenient than going to a glass shop. Make sure to investigate mobile glass repair services in your area before you need to use one!

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Auto Glass Basics, knowing components.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Sep 11, 2012 Under Auto Glass

It’s easy to get confused about specific terminology in the auto glass world. With numerous types of windows all over a vehicle a little confusion is certainly understandable. Most of the varying types of window are easy to identify once an understanding of terminology has been established. And the window assembly isn’t much more difficult that that. Knowing this basic terminology can go a long way towards helping motorists get the glass services they need and the value they want.

Window Types:

As far as actual window types go there is a fair amount of information but it’s not too difficult.  Everyone knows the windshield is the large piece of glass that protects the driver from wind and road hazards. The read window is general windshield sized but may not wrap around quite as far. The front and rear door windows typically roll up and down and sit in the door with their namesake. Rear quarter windows are used in larger vehicles to give all around visibility. And vent windows are the small normally triangular pieces that help frame out many window shapes. Most vents don’t open in modern vehicles.

Window Functionality:

Tracks keep the window in its place in the door as it goes up and down. The window regulator is the device that moves the window up and down in the tracks. A handle connects to the window regulator on non powered models. In powered windows the window motor supplies power to the regulator and the power button activates the motor sending the window up and down. Lastly window molding holds the windshield in place and various adhesives can be used to keep the windshield molding in place.

Tools and Services:

Many windshield repair tools are on the market most all of them involve fusing resin and glass to repair the windshield itself. A windshield molding release tool is a knife like object used to cut the windshield molding away from the vehicle.  Some techs use a heat gun to rapidly dry the adhesives. A good pair of gloves goes a long way in the auto glass industry as well as so much glass is involved.

Knowing these industry basics can both help drivers save a few bucks as well as feeling like they understand what a technician is saying to them. Knowing what is required to fix or replace a window is the first step in knowing what auto glass services should cost. Drivers who can keep in mind the basics to windows, window functionality and the tools and services used will find auto glass mishaps far easier to navigate.

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Auto glass repair continues to grow more affordable and easier on the driver. An increasingly diverse auto glass market has given a wide range of prices and options. Discount auto glass is readily available at all points of the brand and pricing spectrum. Installation has also gotten far easier as a wide range of shops and services that specialize in auto glass have entered the market and are offering installation and repair services at a wide range of prices. This means that drivers have more options and a wider ranges of value to choose from. It also means careful motorists can get the best in service at a pace and a price that fits their immediate needs.

Auto glass was considered prohibitively expensive by many drivers in latter decades, leading to cracks and minor damage being left to spread and leading to even worse damage and accidents. This hasn’t been necessary for some time, but many drivers still pay far too much for auto glass services. Auto glass discounters have become increasingly more common and accessible.  50% to 60% mark downs from manufacturer suggested prices are not at all uncommon. Shops with these deep discounts are recommended to drivers who want to save a few dollars.

In the U.S. as recently as the 1990’s a large portion of auto glass repair was preformed in dealerships and standard auto maintenance shops. Particularly in rural areas. Oftentimes these services were preformed at huge markup compared to the actual labor and cost of the replacement glass. Just as the market for glass has opened up widely, the options for replacement and repair services has expanded dramatically in two decades. Glass repair specialty shops as well as mobile glass repair shops and services are much more common. Mobile repair in particular has made the process of glass replacement and repair far easier and more accessible to a wide range of motorists.

The combination of accessibility and discount means that motorists can save big because of the current market. Motorists who were worried about driving with cracked glass can receive mobile glass repair and replacement at home or even roadside. Even in many rural communities mobile glass repair is available. A wide range of available windshields and windows with available discounts make the actual purchase of glass far easier and more affordable.  All together this means a careful motorist who value shops can get the exact auto glass they need at a price that fits any budget.




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