Auto Glass Solutions: Looking Beyond the Dealership.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 30, 2012 Under Auto Glass

Many drivers, particularly those in rural areas, continue to return to the dealership for all automotive services. Dealerships are usually stocked with the appropriate parts and a staff that will know the vehicle, but there are several problems with using them. This is especially true for specialty services like auto glass. Cost effectiveness is almost always the top of the list when pricing out the difference between dealerships and other auto repair options. Dealerships tend to offer far fewer options than a specialty service provider can. Speed of service can be another problem. This is particularly true of rural dealerships that large have a back log of vehicles that need maintenance. Auto Glass, for example, is a service that a wary driver can usually find cheaper, faster and with more options at a specialty shop than at a dealership.

Dealerships often have no choice but to charge a full mark up on every service and every installed vehicle component. Running a full service repair shop isn’t cheap in terms of labor or equipment. Those costs are in addition to dealership fees, yearly dues and other costs. This is common across a wide range of industries, but particularly so in the world of automotive service. A high mark up on specialty items, like auto glass, allows the business to flourish all year. This isn’t necessarily unethical or immoral but there are certainly better values available to a wary consumer.

In order to maximize efficiency, dealerships tend to try and stock the recommended part for all vehicles the dealership services regularly. This can be highly beneficial when a specialty part or unique assembly breaks or wears out. It also means the variety of options a customer has is severely limited compared to a specialty shop.  Dealerships stock one windshield for example, where an auto glass specialist might carry as many as a dozen different types of viable windshields on a wide range of price points.

Another place where the dealership might not offer the most effective option is in terms of speed. Oftentimes dealerships have an extensive back log of appointments and vehicles that need a variety of services. Dealership shops tend to offer a full range of services for maintenance and repair. This can mean that drivers have an extensive wait time for what should be an easy repair. In auto glass repair cases, a specialist is typically available at the shop or for mobile glass repair or replacement. Most glass repairs take an hour or two. Going to a specialist can save drivers quite a bit of time compared to going to a dealership.

Ultimately the best answer for an auto glass problem is an auto glass specialist. Specialists will stock multiple options at a variety of prices. They can typically perform glass work faster and much cheaper than a dealership. Auto glass repair shops operate at a lower overhead than full service shops and  are typically able to offer discounts that full service shops could not afford.


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Saving money on automotive bills is a basically a hobby for some drivers. Finding the lowest cost replacement parts, the lowest cost shops, the most freebies and best service has become increasingly popular during the economic downturn and the auto glass market has responded. That means, effectively, that there is no reason for a driver to pay full markup for windshield repair. Dealerships and auto repair shops tend to mark up incidentals like luxury electronics and windshield components purely because they can. Looking for an effective auto glass discount shop is a much better option for a wide range of drivers.

Dealership services are notorious for mark ups on parts, labor, service fees and anything else they can charge. While the stereotype of a crooked dealership isn’t as true as it once was dealerships do tend to charge a premium because drivers expect specialty service. With auto glass there is simply no need to pay that mark up as the parent company is almost never going to be the glass manufacturer.

Automotive repair and maintenance shops that focus on diagnosis and repair of engine assembly, electrical and other mechanical systems often up charge for glass as well. This type of shop must operate on a budget of percentages and profit on each type of repair it makes. This can lead to heavy mark up on auto glass.

Finding a discount auto glass specialist is always the better option. Auto glass wholesalers can offer very low prices. Drivers can avoid paying too much by finding a local auto glass discounter.

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Mobile Auto Glass vs. Auto Glass Repair Centers.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Windshields and windows suffer a wide array of damage. The nature of auto glass, specifically, makes this damage act in different ways than may drivers not in the know would ever consider. Windshield glass is typically reinforced and coated with a lamination like layer or other surfacing agent. This prevents the glass from immediately shattering into the drivers cockpit, a luxury older model cars don’t always have. This surfacing also tends to hold glass in place even with deep cracks, pits and abrasions that would lead to normal glass shattering. While the glass is suspended it is in need of attention or it stands to worse when exposed to elemental stresses like temperature, wind pressure or even heavy rain. Normally drivers are faced with calling a mobile glass repair center or heading into a brick and mortar glass repair shop.  Both have benefits that a driver may find outweighs the other and the cons are minimal when going to an auto glass specialist for auto glass work.

Emergency auto glass repairs usually call for a mobile specialist.  This is particularly true in cases where the driver does not feel safe driving due to the severity of the damage. Major spiderweb cracking, holes through the windshield and visible fallen glass dust or shards mean the vehicle should not be driven. If the damage is simply to the windshield the driver normally will not need to be towed and can simply can a mobile auto glass repair specialist to replace the windshield.

Lesser damage can typically be taken to the auto glass shop at the drivers leisure. As a matter of course  drivers should not wait very long to have even small window glass damage addressed. Minor auto glass damage can spread if left untreated and cost the driver far more than a stop at an auto glass repair shop. Chips scratches and small cracks can all be filled relatively cheaply and allow a low cost alternative to full windshield or window replacement.


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Insurance Auto Glass Specials are the New Normal.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Everyone knows that insurance is supposed to pay for auto damage. That includes auto glass damage when it occurs as well as auto body and collision damage. Many drivers don’t think to use their insurance when a minor glass crack or break occurs but often it is a very simple and efficient matter to have insurance pay for an auto glass repair or replacement. Looking for preferred rates and pre-negotiated rates is a great way to ensure premiums stay even and everyone saves money.

In inclement weather and on rocky roads the potential for auto glass chips, scratches and dents is pretty significant. What many drivers don’t consider is that these minor damages lead to more major damages which in turn can cost an insurance company far more money than a simple repair will. At the same time and insurance company is bound to prefer a shop with the lowest rate available for them.

Additionally most insurance companies have a negotiated rate with a repair shop. Additionally many auto repair shops, including auto glass specialty shops have a premium rate they offer insurance companies in order to ensure repeat business. Between the two drivers are guaranteed a low deductible if any at all on basic auto glass repair and restoration services.

Using insurance whenever possible without an adjustment to premiums or deductibles is the best way for a driver to make use of a service they pay regularly for. Making sure they are using preferred auto glass shops and shops with a pre-negotiated rate is the best way to save on a deductible.

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Getting the Most From Auto Glass Repair Services.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Typically a major auto glass break is a trying experience. Driving with major windshield damage or a missing or severely broken window is not convenient even in the summer.  In a rainy spring or autumn or on a cold winter it can be downright difficult to drive. Take the distress of weather and a potential windshield shatter and add the cost of buying a replacement windshield or window at a standard auto body shop or dealership repair center and it’s downright stressful. There are a few easy ways to get the most of an auto glass repair experience and make it easier on the wallet and on the nerves. The easiest of these are finding deep discount auto glass shops and getting the most value out of the service once you’ve found them.

Discounts Discounts Discounts:

Full mark up makes for a pretty expensive car repair. Particular for a non moving or non mechanical part. In almost all rural and urban areas there will be options when it comes to glass repair and installation. Deep discount auto glass is available in most specialty shops.

Mobile Auto Glass Saves Time and Money:

Many auto glass services, particularly in rural areas, now offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement. Certified techs can take everything they need in a service van or truck to repair most minor cracks, chips and breaks. Most mobile glass repair services can install a full windshield and preform repairs on home glass as well.

Getting the most out of an auto glass repair service is simple. Doing research and finding a discount shop will offer significant savings. Using a mobile auto glass service saves time and gas money making the process easier and more affordable.


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Typical Auto Glass Services.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Oct 8, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Auto glass repair shops typically offer an array of auto glass repair and replacement options as well as several other services. Window motors and electrical systems are commonly repaired in glass shops rather than standard repair shops. Window tinting and mirror work is also typical with many auto glass shops. Lastly mobile auto and even home glass replacement and repair are fairly typical from any better auto glass shop.

Obviously, any auto glass repair shop is going to do auto glass repair and replacement. Including windshields, side windows vents and accent windows. What may not be as obvious is that a specialty glass shop is likely to charge far less on windshield replacement than a dealership or standard auto body or repair shop. This is because a glass specialty shop can stock windshields in bulk, among other discounter secrets.

Nearly every reputable auto glass repair shop is going to have an in depth understanding of window electrical systems as well. This includes window motors and regulators, defrost and defog systems, wipers and the electrical systems that power all of them. Before going to an auto repair shop drivers are recommended to look to an auto glass discounter for all of these services.

When drivers think of auto glass they rarely think of the extras.  Window tinting and mirrors are usually available at much the same discounts that an auto glass shop offers on standard window work. Shops that offer comprehensive auto glass services, particularly those that work with insurance companies, will offer mobile auto glass repair as well. These shops will typically offer any type of glass installation or repair on a mobile basis, not only automobile glass.

A better auto glass repair shop will offer several services in addition simple replacement and repair.  Window tinting, mirrors, and all powered systems that are related to windows and windshields are typically serviceable at a good auto glass shop. And mobile auto glass repair is typically available for cars, homes or any other glass needs a customer may have.

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A Few Tips to Save on Auto Insurance.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Oct 8, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Automotive insurance is a requirement in 47 states and driving without it requires fee’s or additional bonds in 2 of the remaining three. That means almost every driver is looking to save a little money on their insurance. There are as many ways to go about this as their are types of drivers in the U.S. Understanding exactly what type of insurance is required and suits the individual driver and then value shopping for that insurance goes a long way. Looking for discounts in the long term is another good options as many competitive insurance companies offer different discounts and rewards. In the long term a driver making sure to work with their own insurance company to determine the best and cheapest repair shops is also a big saver.  For incidents that require vehicle body and auto glass repair and replacement services an insurance company will always have preferred shops and will prefer shops that offer the best rate to that company and in turn that companies insured drivers.

The first key to getting the most  value out of insurance and saving on initial purpose is value shopping. This starts by understanding the exact insurance needs of the driver and requirements of the state. Minimal liability is the minimal requirement in many states but many drivers might do better with a slightly enhanced policy or even full coverage. This depends largely on the risk of other vehicles in a location and a number of other factors. Once a driver knows the policy they need shopping around both the big name insurance firms as well as smaller local firms is advised. It doesn’t hurt to actively compared rates with the other companies and see if discounts are available.

When it comes to looking for earned discounts in an existing policy there are dozens of options to choose from among the various competing insurance companies. Discounts are available for non smokers, college graduates and drivers with impeccable credit ratings. Companies offer discounts on the long term for certain age groups, not having accidents or drawing on insurance and maintaining proper speed as checked by an in car sensor.

Using an approved insurance shop for auto glass damage and repair can save on the cost of the deductible as well as the overall cost of the repair. Insurance companies will more readily approve shops on a preferred list or that offer a preferred rate to insured drivers. Most better auto glass shops find it in their best interests to preform both minor and major repair work for insurance firms and insured drivers to guarantee they draw customers back with quality business for all auto glass needs.

Drivers can look for several ways to save on auto insurance in the long and short term. Value shopping for the lowest immediate rate helps up front costs. Earned discounts and savings can defray the long term costs of insurance. Working with auto glass and auto body shops that the insurance firm prefers also leads to savings.


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It is no great secret that new technologies and innovations tend to cost more when replacement and repair of components is needed. The length of time it takes for any industry to catch up to these initial repair and replacement costs can vary greatly. Take auto glass for example.  It took nearly a hundred years from the first windshield until  reasonably discounted auto glass repair shops became commonplace in the market. Even well after standard windshield replacement was an easy to understand process drivers continued to pay hefty mark ups and outrageous labor fees when going to a dealership with auto glass issues.

By the 80’s discount auto glass services were on their way to being more regular.  Standard, non dealership, auto body shops offered glass replacement and repair services fairly regularly in most areas. While accessibility flourished and prices dropped compared to a hefty dealer mark up, they still hadn’t hit a point to be sufficiently called “discount” for a wide variety of drivers.

The demand for tinted windows and specialty glass components fueled the need for glass only specialty shops. Auto glass specialty shops paved the way for the modern auto glass market to flourish from the early 90’s up to the modern age of windshield repair.

These days, discount auto glass shops are relatively commonplace. From window tinting to full replacement and repair services a devoted motorist can find auto glass services that match their budget. Dealerships and general auto shops can still charge exorbitant prices, but specialty glass shops offer a wide range of discounts and rates. New installations, repairs, modifications and replacements are all available with at deep discount. More recently, mobile auto glass repair services have become very common saving customers even more time and money on a wide range of auto glass services.

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The Windshield Installation Process.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

The windshield glass installation is fairly easy to understand but difficult to master process. It does require specialty tools and materials and is only preformed safely when done by a trained technician using the proper tools. Normally windshield installation takes place during a windshield replacement so those steps will be covered as well.

First off, during a windshield replacement, the old glass must be removed. This usually involves chipping away fragmented pieces while large pieces or mostly intact windows can simply be cut loose and removed mostly intact. The full shape of the old windshield will need to be unscrewed and any panels over top of the windshield area removed as well. Once the windshield has been removed entirely and all glass and original adhesive strips removed then the area where the new windshield will adhere is thoroughly cleaned with a chemical primer, not unlike the type used in plumbing.

Normally the exact type of windshield  for a vehicle is already known by a shop based on vehicle make model and year, and will be available at most better windshield replacement or repair shops. Once the old window components are removed and cleaned the new window is cleaned with a primer as the location was. A long strip of adhesive is then placed onto the vehicle and the window lowered into place. The window is then screwed down and panels and components put in place, after a minimum drying time, the new window is as good as new. While the cleanliness of a repair shop is often preferred these services can normally be preformed at any location.


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A Brief History of Auto Glass.

Posted by Joshua on Thursday Sep 20, 2012 Under Auto Glass

The necessity of Auto Glass is dated to the early 1900’s predates several other modern automobile inventions and features. With the modern combustion automobile starting in the 1890’s the need for more significant protection than goggles became apparent as drivers attempted travel at higher speeds and in more inclement conditions than a sunny dry day.. As with most modern auto parts modern auto glass is fairly different than how it originated. Over the years, vast improvements have been made in windshield design and materials as well as windshield repair and maintenance.

The original windshields debuted in approximately 1904. They were made of heavy plate glass and, as the windshield wiper wouldn’t come for some time, got dirty very fast. Many of them were a two piece affair that simply folded down once they had gotten to filthy to see through allowing the driver an unobstructed view at the expense of protection from the elements. Plate glass was ultimately a poor design that often shattered and presented numerous safety issues of their own.

The safety concerns that plagued the early plate glass windshields lead to the invention of various types of safety glass over the early Twentieth Century. Variations arose from British and French scientists alike, mostly involving laminated glass or multiple panes of plate glass with a cellulose layer in between. In 1927 Henry Ford used a British glass called Triplex into his automobiles, this was effective but temporary as the layers would discolor.

By the 1950s wrap around windshields had become commonplace, as well as side windows and vents style windows. Vehicles had also moved into using a tempered glass for windshields and windows, was a huge improvement over previous plate glass variations. Tempered glass is heated to extreme temperatures and is dramatically more resilient to impacts and strains than plate glass. Perhaps even more importantly tempered glass doesn’t shatter in the same way plate glass does when an impact or stress factor does  cause major damage. It pebbles and maintains cohesion far better than even earlier laminated glass windshields.

Modern auto glass takes on a wide range of shapes and sizes. Custom windows, one sided wraps and a huge variety of shapes both functional and visual are commonplace. Modern windshields can feature internal powered defrosting components. Modern windows are a far cry from the flip down when dirty windshields of days past, in the U.S. powered windows are commonplace on most new models of cars rolling up and down with the touch of a button.

Modern glass offers another option that has become increasingly more popular.  Repair rather than actual replacement of broken glass components is not only commonplace, it’s easy. Auto glass repair is done both in the shop and at mobile locations and a wide range of business has sprung up around both options. Unlike the heavy panes of glass auto glass is relatively light and easy to work with. Making auto glass repair and replacement the easiest it has been in automobile history.

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