Auto Glass Tip: Only Use Nonabrasive Cleaners for Auto Glass.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 Under Auto Glass

We always advise drivers to be careful when they go to wash their vehicles. It’s all too common for a driver to damage the aesthetically pleasing portions of a vehicle when trying to clean away day to day dirt and debris. Vehicles of all types represent a source of pride for owners. Big rigs, cars, trucks, vans, jeeps and even recreational vehicles like RV’s, ATV’s and boats are regularly cleaned, buffed and polished by owners, especially in the summer months. Drivers should be careful, however, to avoid doing damage to the vehicle when washing it. This can be particularly true of auto glass. Auto glass is typically stronger than a standard glass, but abrasive cleaners can still do a fair share of damage.

When choosing a soap or cleaner, drivers should be careful to ensure that it won’t damage the surfaces they intend to clean, or strip color from the auto body itself. Non-abrasive cleaners are almost always the best choice for vehicles and the are plenty of non-abrasive cleaners for all types of vehicles. Oil and soap based cleaners that lack grit, grains or other granular particles are highly suggested.

When it comes to choosing the cleaning cloths, a few moments of consideration can be a great idea. Many modern cleaning sponges, rags and towels have stiff fibers that can damage the paint or scratch auto glass. Opt for a soft microfiber cloth or other extremely soft fabrics to wash vehicle and auto glass. Using this kind of cloth is always a good option Soft chamois towels, microfiber towels and other extremely soft and absorbent towels can be used to dry the vehicle. Additional coats of wax can provide an extra buffer for the body, but should not be used on the glass itself.

Drivers go out of their way to make their cars look good. Even so, the should make sure they aren’t damaging them in the process. Abrasive cleaners and abrasive cleaning cloths or sponges can scratch auto glass and auto body panels. Be careful to clean delicately using only soft oil and soap based cleaners appropriate to the vehicle itself. Just remember, only use nonabrasive cleaners on your auto glass. Following this simple tip can extend the length of auto glass for years while keeping the car looking beautiful and clean.

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Where Auto Glass Now Can Help You.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 10, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Now is available in several locations around the U.S. to help drivers with all manner of auto glass repair, mobile glass repair and other auto glass related services. We have four locations around the country and pride ourselves on offering drivers exceptional service and exceptional auto glass value. Drivers can reach us at 1-800-388-0104 to schedule an appointment for any of our auto glass specialty locations. Each of the Auto Glass Now specialty shops can offer mobile auto glass repair or auto glass repair and replacement in their own shop.

Our Denver, CO area shop provides outstanding service to Denver and the surrounding areas. Drivers in Denver, Boulder, Aurora and Littleton rely on the Denver store for professional and commercial auto glass needs. With the winter weather around Denver being some of the worst in the country, this shop is absolutely full of talented auto glass technicians.

The Colorado Springs location specializes in a variety of auto glass repair, windshield replacement and windshield motor services and has offered thousands of man hours to local drivers. Auto Glass Now has one of the best auto glass services to the Colorado Springs community and is always available to help drivers with auto glass needs.

The Tucker, GA location offers services to a wide range of Georgia cities. The Auto Glass Now family in Georgia offers service in Tucker, Marietta, Roswell and Sandy Springs. The Auto Glass Now staff in Tucker is widely known for accurate, honest quotes before performing auto glass services.

Finally, the Bridgeton location for Auto Glass Now is a staple for Missouri drivers. Conveniently located of the I-70 near the Missouri River, this Auto Glass Now location offers friendly service and professional results. The regional manager regularly receives praise from travelers as well as Bridgeton drivers.

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Auto Glass Tip: Salvaged Auto Glass is a Risky Business.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday May 28, 2013 Under Auto Glass

Salvaged auto glass may seem like a good idea when a driver is dealing with an unexpected auto glass related cost. Unfortunately, glass pulled from wrecks, junkyards and other retired vehicles often comes with far more hidden and unexpected costs than expected. Windshields can be repaired multiple times with little to no evidence left behind, so a driver can never really know what to expect when they buy a used windshield. We suggest drivers call an auto glass expert with a low rate for installation and see how the price stacks up to the hidden costs associated with salvaged auto glass.

Auto glass takes a fair amount of abuse over the life of a vehicle. Minor damage to windshields can often be filled fairly easily and leaves very little perceptible traces on a windshield. Almost any auto glass expert will attest that installing a windshield that has suffered extensive stresses is a bad idea. A windshield with of a lifetime of driving stresses or even recent stresses and repairs, is far more likely to break and require another replacement.

Windshields can be filled multiple times, but an auto glass repair specialist will usually tell a driver when it’s time to replace a windshield. When a driver buys a used windshield or pulls one from a junkyard, they really have no idea what they are getting. Even drivers who know to look for the faint traces of the clear resin filler used to repair windshields can have a hard time spotting small repairs.

Auto glass specialists are available to give drivers deep discounts on a windshield replacements. A driver who shops around can almost always find an extremely competitive rate from a local auto glass specialist. A driver may save a few bucks in the short term with a used windshield, instead of a 50% discount windshield. Unfortunately, that same driver will usually lose quite a bit of money in the long term on more used auto glass.

Buying salvaged auto glass is a risky business that drivers should probably avoid whenever possible. Auto glass stresses and damages compound to shorten the lifespan of a windshield. Used windshields and salvaged auto glass usually will not show these stresses, and can often break during or shortly after the initial installation. If a driver has a local auto glass specialist, it shouldn’t be hard to get a competitive rate on a replacement windshield that makes it worth it to get the new auto glass.

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Five Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage.

Posted by Joshua on Friday May 24, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass damage comes in all shapes and sizes and can be caused by a huge range of factors. We’ve taken some time to compose a list of the primary reasons drivers come to us with auto glass damage. This is by no means a complete list of how auto glass damage is caused, but it can help drivers when they are considering how to save on auto glass repair bills.

5. Vandalism and mayhem.

Sometimes there isn’t much a driver can do to avoid the glass damage. Vandals and children sometimes can’t help themselves when it comes to an unprotected car. Windows are sometimes keyed and cracked in sitting vehicles. Even worse than minor vandalism, windows are often shattered completely in a vehicle breaking in situation.

4. Distraction based accidents

This type of accident is far more common than you may think. Drivers accidentally damage their own glass when they aren’t paying attention. This can be as simple as a ring scraping on a windshield or as damaging as accidentally throwing something throw glass. More than a few drivers have backed into low hanging tree branches or awnings on their own homes because they are talking to passengers while doing a routine backwards exit from a driveway.

3. Roadside Debris

Roadside debris brings in more than a few of our customers. Drivers never know hen something is going to pop up from the road. Many vehicles drop large debris on the roadside with the drivers unaware or unconcerned. Rocks, gravel and all manner of debris can be shot into auto glass by nearby tires. It is fairly common that the auto damage caused by roadside debris is sudden and completely unexpected.

2. Vehicular Accidents

It’s probably not a big surprise that vehicle on vehicle accidents cause a quite a bit of the of auto glass damage that we see on a regular basis. Vehicle accidents regularly mean auto glass impacts and immense windshield and window strain. Luckily for drivers everywhere, auto glass damage is getting to be one of the cheapest fixes in the wake of a vehicle on vehicle accident.

1. Weather

Inclement weather causes a huge range of auto glass damage in the United States and not just in the Midwestern States. Storms of all manner cause glass damage often damage that has to be completely replaced and not repaired. Hail, icy rain and heavy wind can all lead to major auto glass damage for all kinds of vehicles.

These are just a few of the thousands of reasons drivers come to us for our professional discount auto glass repair and replacement services. This list is just an account of the big five reasons we often hear at our auto glass repair shop. We hope it can help drivers prepare for auto glass damage ahead of time and prevent it wherever possible.







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Insurance Tips: Slow Down and Buckle Up.

Posted by Joshua on Friday May 24, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

A few basic auto insurance tips have to do with general auto safety and legalities. It’s a good idea for drivers to pay attention to their speed and make sure they buckle their safety belt. Driving at a safe speed protects the vehicle from all kinds of damage while protecting the driver from law enforcement. Likewise, keeping the safety belt buckled while driving protects drivers from accidents and from tickets. Both maintaining safe speeds and buckling up can prevent major increases in insurance rates.

Drivers speed regularly on surface streets and highways all over America. As far as breaking the law goes, traffic citations are the bottom of the barrel. Seeding tickets can immediately increase a driver’s insurance premiums. Multiple tickets can and often do result in multiple increases to insurance rates. Drivers are advised to maintain a safe speed at all times. Driving at a safe speed has an added benefit of prevent auto glass and auto body damage due to high speed debris impacts.

Everyone has seen the adds that read “Buckle up it’s the law.” They have popped up nationwide in the last two decades. The fact is local governments make huge revenues on seat belt related tickets and the crackdowns are under way. Drivers can avoid rate increases by simply buckling up and avoiding this kind of ticket. Buckling up can protect a driver in several ways beyond law enforcement. No one wants to have an up close meeting with their auto glass.

It’s not terribly difficult. Drivers can save time, energy stress and money by following these basic insurance tips. Slowing down and buckling up can protect drivers from auto glass related injury and from rate increases due to tickets.

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Insurance Tips: When Not To Use Insurance.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Feb 8, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Drivers can save money by finding discount services that come in under the cost of an insurance deductible. Driver can save time, hassle and potential considerable money by following this simple tip. If the cost of a repair costs less than the deductible, the best choice can be to have it taken care of without involving the insurance company. Every time a driver calls an insurance company to arrange payment, a driver risks an increase in overall premiums.

By simply finding the best value in auto glass repair, and taking advantage of it by paying the out-of-pocket costs themselves, a driver can save thousands of dollars over the life of an insurance policy. Auto Glass discounts can provide major discounts and can often come in under budget this way. Particularly for minor damage that can be easily filled. These are typically the small chips, scratches and dings that result from roadside debris or inclement weather. This type of work can be cheaper than a deductible, even without a discount auto glass rate.

For more major repairs like full windshield installations, finding the right discounter can be a little more important to find a lower rate than a deductible. When drivers can find an auto glass discounter who offers rates as much as 40%, 50% or 60% from industry standards. They can often come in under the cost of a deductible. This type of specialists strives to offer the lowest rates possible to make themselves an attractive option to drivers who want to save money, regardless of insurance costs.

Drivers can find quite a bit of savings on their insurance by getting a better rate on auto glass repair than they would pay on an insurance deductible. For minor repairs, this is as simple as getting auto glass filled cheaply. For larger glass damage that requires replacement, this can mean finding the right auto glass discounter. Auto Glass now offers drivers the lowest rates possible to try and be that auto glass discounter.

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Saving Money with Auto Glass Maintenance.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jan 21, 2013 Under Auto Glass Repair

Going to the auto glass shop to ensure everything is in order can be a very important part of a maintenance routine. Even if it isn’t always what people think of when it comes to long term maintenance. Auto glass motors and electric systems can go out fairly easily, particularly on older model cars. A seasonal change or a move might require checking the weather stripping around windows to ensure water isn’t leaking in and causes expensive damage. Even minute cracks and chips a drive may not have noticed can risk turning into major damage if not properly fixed. Luckily, mobile and shop based auto glass services are available and are typically very affordable when it comes to routine maintenance.

Any window that rolls down will eventually need maintenance. Hand crank window assembly on older model vehicles is usually considered the most reliable type of window, due to the entirely mechanical build of most of these assemblies. When they do break, however, repair often means custom parts and can get expensive quickly. Electrical windows have many areas things can go wrong. In addition to glass breakage, some electrical assemblies are prone to short when exposed to moisture. Early power windows often burn out due to stress that could have been avoided with proper lubrication and wire maintenance.

Weather stripping can suffer damage in a number of ways. Both intense heat and cold damage soft plastic and foam components and adhesives. Even small blemishes in the weather stripping can allow moisture into the vehicle, which can lead to rust and rot in wet climates. Weather stripping is cheap and easy to repair. Replacing it as part of routine maintenance can save drivers quite a bit of money compared to replacing a rotten car ceiling liner.

Glass damage is the most basic component of routine maintenance. Carefully looking for small chips, cracks and other damage in any area the windshield reaches is important. More experienced drivers and windshield technicians can also catch other signs of windshield strain. Minor glass damage can quickly turn into major glass damage, so filling even minor cracks can save quite a bit of time in the long run.

Auto glass services can easily perform a wide range of these maintenance services for far cheaper than repairs will cost after a component finally breaks. Maintenance is easy and affordable from most auto glass specialists, who can give the car a thorough examination and offer suggestions. Consider doing some routine maintenance when a car changes climate or at the changes in season.

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Don’t Drive With a Damaged Windshield.

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 Under Mobile Glass Repair, Uncategorized

Driving with broken auto glass is pretty much always a bad idea. Cracked, chipped and damaged windshields pose several risks to drivers. Minor damage can spread quickly when any stresses are applied. Nearly all of these can represent a distraction or danger to the driver. In many locations, driving with significant windshield damage is illegal. Mobile glass repair services are readily available for drivers who need auto glass replacement but cannot drive due to the damage.

Driving with auto glass damage is dangerous in a few different ways. Chips can turn into cracks and then spiderwebs style cracks quickly in cold climates. All of these minor damages can prevent roadside visibility. Deep cracks, shatters and other major damage risks breaking free and injuring or severely distracting the driver. A driver should avoid moving the vehicle with major auto glass damage. Drivers should seriously consider not driving the vehicle with even minor auto glass damage.

Driving with windshield damage can also be a bad idea because it’s illegal in many places. Driving with major auto glass damage is considered a distraction or driving hazard in many cities. Driving with windshield shatters or a risk of flying glass can even be considered reckless operations in some jurisdictions. Even when not illegal it can warrant a roadside vehicle inspection, something most drivers would prefer to avoid.

There’s really nothing that makes driving with a broken windshield a good idea. It risks further damage, distraction and injury. Damaged windshields can be illegal on many levels. Mobile glass repair is available to help drivers with all manner of auto glass damage. Drivers who prefer safe traveling with minimum hassle are advised to call for mobile glass repair.

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Saving Big With Auto Glass Discounters.

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday Jan 9, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Uncategorized

Big savings are readily available from auto glass discounters. Many auto glass specialist services offer deep discounts on auto glass replacement. With these discounts available, there is really no reason to pay full markup. In many cases, any discount on the price of a windshield replacement will make it cheaper than dealership or body shop prices.

If a driver likes the service or convenience of a nearby shop and money is no option, then they probably aren’t looking for a discount. For everyone else, auto glass discounters are available all over the united states. Almost all auto glass specialists will offer some type of discount compared to a full price shop. Unless a driver really want to pay full price, discounts are readily available.

Dealership service centers are well known for overcharging. The brand of the parent company allows them to charge considerably more. Many new car owners who think that specialty service is required for every automotive problem can also push rates higher. Standard auto body shops will usually be far cheaper than dealership service centers, but still must account for a higher overhead due to providing varied services. Auto glass specialists can provide the largest discounts because they can order glass at wholesale prices and have  lower overhead than other options.

Auto glass discounts  range anywhere from a few dollars off  to major discounts. Some auto glass discounters can afford to lower windshield replacement prices as much as 60% due to streamlining of the business and services available. Auto glass specialists also typically offer additional specials like no deductible or 100% insurance billing.

It’s easy to find a discount on auto glass repair and replacement. Auto glass discounters are available nationwide. Discounts up to 60% are available in some location. Compared to standard auto glass prices at full service shops and dealership centers, auto glass discounts are even deeper. Unless a driver wants to pay more than they have to, auto glass discounters are a great option.

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Dealing with Auto Glass After the Holidays.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jan 7, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Auto Glass Repair

For many drivers, the holidays mean more auto glass disasters than nearly any other part of the year. Holidays travel, weather conditions and holiday festivities make for a wide range of situations that can mean auto glass damage. Some auto glass damage ends up waiting until after the holidays. This can be because of family, finances or simply being too busy to get an auto glass repair or replacement resolved. The calm period after the holidays can be a much easier time for a driver to take care of an auto glass repair or replacement issue.

Winter weather alone can cause significant auto damage and prevent drivers from making it to an auto glass repair center at the same time. Windshield breaks and shatters are generally always going to prevent driving, but freezing temperatures can make driving with broken windows extremely dangerous. Once the other distractions of the holidays have passed, a driver can make arrangements for travel to an auto glass repair service, or find one that can come to them.

The holidays themselves can be preventative when it comes to getting a glass repair or replacement. Visiting relatives, out of town travel plans or depleted savings due to gift shopping are all common reasons to skip on auto glass services until after the holiday. Auto glass discounters, and mobile auto glass services, can make all of these issues have far less impact after a drivers schedule gives them some availability.

In many regions, after the holidays it can be important to get auto glass repair taken care of because the weather will turn worse. Getting auto glass repair and replacement services taken care of before inclement or emergency weather can be very important, and just after the new year gives drivers a chance to take care of it. After the holidays drivers often have a little extra cash flow to manage repairs, and the time and ability to get to an auto glass discounter. For drivers who haven’t had time to consider it, or have taken damage while traveling, a mobile auto glass service can be easily found after the holidays.

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