Don’t Drive With a Damaged Windshield.

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Driving with broken auto glass is pretty much always a bad idea. Cracked, chipped and damaged windshields pose several risks to drivers. Minor damage can spread quickly when any stresses are applied. Nearly all of these can represent a distraction or danger to the driver. In many locations, driving with significant windshield damage is illegal. Mobile glass repair services are readily available for drivers who need auto glass replacement but cannot drive due to the damage.

Driving with auto glass damage is dangerous in a few different ways. Chips can turn into cracks and then spiderwebs style cracks quickly in cold climates. All of these minor damages can prevent roadside visibility. Deep cracks, shatters and other major damage risks breaking free and injuring or severely distracting the driver. A driver should avoid moving the vehicle with major auto glass damage. Drivers should seriously consider not driving the vehicle with even minor auto glass damage.

Driving with windshield damage can also be a bad idea because it’s illegal in many places. Driving with major auto glass damage is considered a distraction or driving hazard in many cities. Driving with windshield shatters or a risk of flying glass can even be considered reckless operations in some jurisdictions. Even when not illegal it can warrant a roadside vehicle inspection, something most drivers would prefer to avoid.

There’s really nothing that makes driving with a broken windshield a good idea. It risks further damage, distraction and injury. Damaged windshields can be illegal on many levels. Mobile glass repair is available to help drivers with all manner of auto glass damage. Drivers who prefer safe traveling with minimum hassle are advised to call for mobile glass repair.

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Saving Big With Auto Glass Discounters.

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Big savings are readily available from auto glass discounters. Many auto glass specialist services offer deep discounts on auto glass replacement. With these discounts available, there is really no reason to pay full markup. In many cases, any discount on the price of a windshield replacement will make it cheaper than dealership or body shop prices.

If a driver likes the service or convenience of a nearby shop and money is no option, then they probably aren’t looking for a discount. For everyone else, auto glass discounters are available all over the united states. Almost all auto glass specialists will offer some type of discount compared to a full price shop. Unless a driver really want to pay full price, discounts are readily available.

Dealership service centers are well known for overcharging. The brand of the parent company allows them to charge considerably more. Many new car owners who think that specialty service is required for every automotive problem can also push rates higher. Standard auto body shops will usually be far cheaper than dealership service centers, but still must account for a higher overhead due to providing varied services. Auto glass specialists can provide the largest discounts because they can order glass at wholesale prices and have  lower overhead than other options.

Auto glass discounts  range anywhere from a few dollars off  to major discounts. Some auto glass discounters can afford to lower windshield replacement prices as much as 60% due to streamlining of the business and services available. Auto glass specialists also typically offer additional specials like no deductible or 100% insurance billing.

It’s easy to find a discount on auto glass repair and replacement. Auto glass discounters are available nationwide. Discounts up to 60% are available in some location. Compared to standard auto glass prices at full service shops and dealership centers, auto glass discounts are even deeper. Unless a driver wants to pay more than they have to, auto glass discounters are a great option.

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Dealing with Auto Glass After the Holidays.

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For many drivers, the holidays mean more auto glass disasters than nearly any other part of the year. Holidays travel, weather conditions and holiday festivities make for a wide range of situations that can mean auto glass damage. Some auto glass damage ends up waiting until after the holidays. This can be because of family, finances or simply being too busy to get an auto glass repair or replacement resolved. The calm period after the holidays can be a much easier time for a driver to take care of an auto glass repair or replacement issue.

Winter weather alone can cause significant auto damage and prevent drivers from making it to an auto glass repair center at the same time. Windshield breaks and shatters are generally always going to prevent driving, but freezing temperatures can make driving with broken windows extremely dangerous. Once the other distractions of the holidays have passed, a driver can make arrangements for travel to an auto glass repair service, or find one that can come to them.

The holidays themselves can be preventative when it comes to getting a glass repair or replacement. Visiting relatives, out of town travel plans or depleted savings due to gift shopping are all common reasons to skip on auto glass services until after the holiday. Auto glass discounters, and mobile auto glass services, can make all of these issues have far less impact after a drivers schedule gives them some availability.

In many regions, after the holidays it can be important to get auto glass repair taken care of because the weather will turn worse. Getting auto glass repair and replacement services taken care of before inclement or emergency weather can be very important, and just after the new year gives drivers a chance to take care of it. After the holidays drivers often have a little extra cash flow to manage repairs, and the time and ability to get to an auto glass discounter. For drivers who haven’t had time to consider it, or have taken damage while traveling, a mobile auto glass service can be easily found after the holidays.

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Insurance Tips: New Year, New Policy.

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The start of a new year can be a great time to consider looking for a new insurance policy. Most policy changes take place at the new year, so it is common for insurance to send new packets with adjust rates for the new year. The easiest time to compare the details of a newly updated policy can be when comparing it to other newly available options in the insurance market. Purchasing a new policy early in the new year can lead to added savings for yearly safe driving rewards programs.

Insurance companies often release the newest rates available to customers on the first of the year. This typically means hundreds of new policy options become available on the market. As each insurer wants to implement these policies early in the year, discounts and perks are often available early in the year.

An insurance contract is typically fairly large in terms of a document to read. Many policy owners find it laborious to read through policy options repeatedly throughout the year. Drivers can save quite a bit of time by doing comparison shopping when their own yearly updated policy arrives for inspection.

Many insurance companies offer a discounted rate to drivers with multiple years of safe driving in their history. The new year can represent a turning point for a policy holder based on age or length of time driving without an accident. Checking into the discounts and options available for good driving early in the year can save drivers money throughout the whole year.

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When stuck with a roadside auto glass emergency there are a few options available to drivers. If the damage is purely glass related, calling for mobile auto glass repair is almost always the better option. Mobile auto glass services are fast, effective and cheap, particularly in comparison to auto body repair shops.

Calling for a mobile auto glass specialist can save hours of time in the wake of an auto glass emergency. Major glass damage that prevents driving would require a tow to a repair shop under normal circumstances. If the damage is only to the glass; however, a technician can usually repair or replace the glass right at the roadside. This can save hours of travel time after the tow truck arrives, not to mention the time waiting for an auto body shop to get around to a glass repair.

Mobile auto glass specialists can save drivers considerable money over going to a standard auto body or mechanical repair shop. Auto glass specialists tend to stock more auto glass options than standard repair shops, allowing them to offer deep discounts by comparison. Mobile auto glass repair is usually available without a roadside assistance plan, and can save drivers big bucks when compared to a tow and full mark-up at a standard garage.

Waiting on the side of the road in the wake of accident is never fun. If the damage is purely glass related, a specialty service can at least remove some of the trouble. Mobile auto glass repair can save drivers time and money. The savings are pretty dramatic when compared to towing into a regular service shop. This makes mobile auto glass repair an excellent option in the wake of an emergency.

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Insurance Tips: Accident Response

Posted by Joshua on Friday Dec 28, 2012 Under Insurance Tips

There are a few things every driver should do immediately in the case of an accident. There are obvious basic situation, safety and medical checks, as well as contacting  assistance as needed. Many drivers stop there, however, when they could take a few more basic precautions to ensure that their insurance rates don’t suffer as a result of the accident. After the driver makes sure everyone is safe, there are a few smart steps to take regarding your insurance company.


After any accident,  the first thing to do is to check the safety of everyone involved. Making sure everyone is conscious and unharmed should always come first. Followed by making sure the vehicle is still safe to occupy. If there are no flames, gas leaks or major dangers, waiting in the vehicle is generally the safest options. Once everyone is safe and secure it is typically then time to call any relevant authorities or emergency services that may be needed at the scene of the accident.

Many drivers will stop there, but in most cases going a few steps further can help the insurance company sort things out in favor of the driver. Calling your insurance company in the wake of an accident is often a good idea. Many insurance firms will send a field inspector out to the scene of an accident to perform the insurance investigation on the spot. Taking pictures of the accident scene and positions of the vehicle or vehicles involved can be important. Beyond these measures taking any statements of fault offered by other drivers or police reports for the insurance company will help.

Following these steps both ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, as well as the vehicle. Contacting the insurance company immediately in the wake of an accident can save drivers on an increase in premiums or deductible. Using both options suffer all around  protection for the driver.

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Insurance Tips: Deductible Options.

Posted by Joshua on Sunday Dec 23, 2012 Under Insurance Tips

When dealing with car insurance policies, the deductible can be a headache for many drivers. It’s really not that hard to decide if a driver is armed with the proper knowledge. High deductible, low deductible and median deductible plans all have merits that can save drivers money in the long run. Many insurance services also offer a lowered deductible for good drivers, or other deductible based rewards.

High deductible plans are typically fairly low cost month to month. It’s why many drivers prefer them. While the out-of-pocket cost can be significant in a wreck or other incident that requires insurance, the low monthly fees are important to a wide range of drivers. Careful drivers and drivers looking to save on overall plan costs can often choose a high deductible plan.

Mid range deductible plans keep the deductible in the median range. They tend to offer an average cost both out-of-pocket and in the regular payments. Mid range plans are good for drivers who can afford a little more monthly and a little less out of pocket in case of an emergency.

Low deductible plans tend to cost quite a bit month to month, but in the event of an accident tend to have little to no out of pocket cost for the driver. These plans are appealing to parents of younger drivers, drivers who may not always be the most careful or drivers with the monthly funds to not worry worry about the overall costs.

In addition to these, many insurance services now offer incentives based on driving. A lowered deductible cost in an accident if you’ve driven for a year without one, for example. Some insurance companies even offer lowered prices on the insurance as a whole. Combining the best deductible with this kind of savings is ideal for many drivers.

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Insurance Tips: Maximizing Insurance Savings.

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There are several ways to save on the long term cost of insurance. This is true in terms of long term costs and deductibles and overheads when insurance is required to make a payment. Many insurers offer bundles which can save drivers significant money on automobile and other insurance. Using only insurance approved shops and services like certified auto glass repair shops can save both the insurance company and a driver money in the long term. Good driving is important when acquiring a new policy. It can also be extremely important to long term savings with many new policy options.

Drivers can save quite a bit by using an insurance company that allows them to bundle service. Combining automotive insurance with home, motorcycle, boat owners, renters or other insurances can get a lower rate on all of them. The savings can add quickly if a company offers a price reduction on each insurance when bundled together.

Using certified and insurance approved services is another good way to make significant savings. Drivers can usually get a discounted rate on roadside assistance, or even free roadside assistance from an insurance company. Drivers can also save by using repair services approved by their insurers. As an example, auto glass repair specialists often work with insurance companies. This relationship offers both the company and the driver deep discounts on auto glass services and deductibles.

Good driving for years can get drivers significant discounts when it comes to shopping for a policy. Most insurance companies now offer drivers a reward for even longer periods of good driving. Drivers can also earn a lower deductible, a lower rate or both from simply driving carefully.

Drivers can save significantly on auto insurance in a number of ways. Bundling insurance with other insurances offers deep savings. Using approved and certified specialists, like auto glass repair specialists can save major bucks. Finally, simply being a good driver and avoiding automotive damage can save thousands of dollars over the life of an insurance policy.

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Auto Glass Tips: Calling for Storm Repair.

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Auto damage due to ice, hail and flying objects is fairly common over the winter months. Auto body damage is frequent, particularly on the hood, roof and trunk panels, but is generally minor. Auto glass damage caused by falling debris, strikes from hail or heavy freezing rain is typically fairly major. It is also common for drivers to damage a windshield or window pane by scraping ice with too much force. Mobile auto glass services can repair and replace auto glass damaged in the storm, but there are a few things to consider when calling for auto glass specialists in the wake of a major winter storm.

If possible, it is always best to wait until the storm is over before driving. In many cases, this only reasonable in the case of minor damage as major roadside damage may require a mobile auto glass repair service. Glass repair is quite a bit more difficult in a wet or frozen environment, so if it is possible to wait it will generally save on labor costs.

Auto glass damage is generally easiest to repair in a warm dry place. If possible, traveling to an auto glass shop can be ideal in bad weather, particularly if drivers have nowhere else for a specialist to work. Ensuring the window is free of ice, snow and rain will make repairs far easier. If a driver has a garage, or even covered parking, it can make a windshield repair or replacement far faster.

In the wake of a major winter storm, auto glass services can run a bit longer than normal. It is best to prepare for this ahead of time. Make sure you make the call for mobile glass repair as soon as the damage is noticed. If a wide area has been hit by the storm, expect even further delays as other drivers will also be calling. Contacting auto glass specialists will help speed things up as a full service body shop will have body work to do.

If your dealing with auto glass damage cause by a winter storm, don’t panic. Just remember, if possible wait for the storm to end before driving or calling for auto glass repair or replacement. If one is available a warm and dry garage, or at least a covered parking space, will help a mobile auto glass specialist immensely. In the wake of a major storm auto glass services may be a little slower than normal, but specialists will generally be the fastest option.


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Typical Services by Auto Glass Specialists.

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday Dec 12, 2012 Under Auto Glass
Auto glass specialists naturally have repair and replacement work on the list of auto glass services available. Auto glass specialists tend to perform all services related to auto glass. This is true both in terms of modifications and services related to the electronic and mechanical systems related to windows.

Auto glass replacement is the hallmark of the auto glass specialty service. Windshields that are damaged beyond repair, broken windows and mirrors are all easily replaceable at an auto glass repair shop. Smaller windows, panes and vent glass on older model car are more likely to be in stock at an auto glass specialist than in a standard repair shop.

Auto glass specialists typically offer a wide range of repair services. Windshields and other laminated glass can often be repaired if the damage isn’t too severe. Additionally, most auto glass shops can easily repair window motors and other electrical components.

Many auto glass specialists provide additional services beyond repair and replacement. Warranties on the installation, glass itself and damage resulting from a faulty windshield or installation are common. These warranties can cover anything from water damage and mold to repairs or adjustments due to faulty installation. Some auto glass services will even offer drivers a ride home if an installation must be preformed in shop and will take longer than normal.

Auto glass specialty shops do quite a bit more than simply replace glass. Auto glass specialists typically can do a wide range of auto glass related repairs, including motors and mounts. Auto glass specialists often offer extra perks like rides and extended warranties.

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