Calling an auto glass professional to deal with your auto glass repair needs only makes sense. Unfortunately, many drivers never think to separate their repair services after an accident or collision. An auto body shop, or a full service mechanic, will have trouble matching the prices of an auto glass repair expert. Drivers may think it’s rude to get the best price from one service or the next, instead of going to one service for all their needs. In this economy, everyone is glad to get what business they do, so no mechanic or auto body service is going to turn you away because you go elsewhere for auto glass.

An auto glass discounter can offer forty, fifty and sometimes even sixty percent off the rates offered in a standard shop. Both regular repair and mechanic shops, as well as dealership shops, can charge a significant markup over what an auto glass repair expert will typically offer. You can tell a mechanic or a body shop technician not to worry about the auto glass if they have an exceptional markup. An auto glass repair specialist can almost always offer you a better rate.

It’s not always intuitive to call two separate services for auto glass and the rest of the work you need after an accident. It can save you significant money. To make it even easier, many mobile auto glass services will perform the work on the roadside, or in a parking lot. This makes calling for an auto glass repair expert even easier. Calling for an auto glass specialist before, or after, your other repair services can save you considerable money.

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Insurance Tips: New State, New Policy.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Feb 25, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Every state has a different take on auto insurance and auto insurance laws, regulations and requirements. This is true for drivers, as well as insurance providers. Some policies are viable driving through any state, in fact, most of them are. When planning a long distance trip, or work in another city, it is a good idea to check the local insurance laws and regulations. When moving to a new state, getting a new policy is inevitable, but you may have some wiggle room or even be in a better position than you were before.

Some states require residency after a certain amount of time, so even working in them temporarily can run you afoul of local insurance regulations. For example, due to transient entertainment industry labor, California expects residents for more than 10 days to declare residency. That makes anyone who wants to be completely compliant to California laws and regulations responsible for declaring themselves a resident, and acquiring a new insurance policy. Not every state is this adamant, but they can vary quite a bit. It’s a good idea to do some basic research on the local insurance requirements of any state you plan to be in for more than a few days.

When you move to a new state, you need a new insurance policy. Auto insurers are typically unable to offer insurance across state lines. This means even a national insurance network or company will require you to end a policy in one state and acquire a new one in your new state. This can be a great time to renegotiate rates, and get a better price. If you stay with an insurance provider, make sure to ask them about the possibility of a reduced rate. If you are forced to find an entirely new provider, shop around and research the local market.

When moving to a new city, or even working in one for awhile, make sure you understand all of the local insurance rules and regulations. In many cases, ignorance of the insurance requirements is not a good defense. If you do move, try to ensure you get a lower rate in your new location.

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It happens to hundreds of drivers every year. While sitting in a parking lot, at a light or other conspicuous location a driver is approached about a zero cost auto glass repair by a stranger. The driver is told that they can get a new windshield at absolutely no cost to themselves. The stranger is an auto mechanic, auto glass provider or other professional or home based business. The driver agrees, and they go to wherever the work is supposed to be done. Unfortunately for the driver who gets excited about the work, this is a scam. Luckily for drivers, discount auto glass is available and every bit as easy.

It isn’t uncommon for a single provider to be able to install a new window or windshield. The know how to perform the work isn’t hard to acquire. Unfortunately, after the window is installed, the driver begins to pay in many different ways for this so called “cheap window replacement.” This scam uses the drivers insurance to cover an extremely expensive overhead price, sometimes filing multiple claims that rapidly increase a drivers insurance premiums. This is in addition to installing the cheapest windshield money can buy. Instead of a free windshield, drivers get a cheap windshield and a huge spike in insurance premiums.

In short, don’t let a walk up do your auto glass repair. There are plenty of reputable discounters out here who will work to ensure the best rate with the lowest change to deductible. A reputable auto glass service can bill everything to the insurance, but will only do so one time, and will give you the value you deserve. A mobile auto glass service doesn’t even need a driver to come to them, they can do the repairs on site.

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Insurance Tips: Parking Lot Accidents.

Posted by Joshua on Saturday Feb 16, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Parking lot accidents are some of the most common, and most annoying, accidents drivers get into. People are in a hurry to get in and get out of shopping centers and gas stations. This leads to fender benders, side scrapes and everyone’s favorite; the backing up collision. Parking lot accidents are annoying pretty much every time because we were already well on our way to our from somewhere.

No one enjoys being stuck with groceries in the car, on the way to an important engagement or just about any other situation with a parking lot fender bender. On top of the regular annoyance, often it’s pretty difficult to determine who was at fault. In many states, fault can be an odd thing to work out in a parking lot accident. This can make dealing with your insurance company afterwards very annoying.  There are some general guidelines that can help.

Keep your cool. This may sound silly, but in a stressful situation keeping calm can be extremely helpful to resolving things quickly. Keeping a cool head and being polite to the other drive will go a long way.

Take plenty of pictures. When you first get into a parking lot accident, get out and take as many pictures as possible.  Be courteous to the other driver and make sure they know it is only for insurance purposes. The more details the insurance companies have, the easier they can determine how to deal with a claim appropriately.

Call your insurance provider. Call your insurance agent immediately and advise the other driver to do the same. Many insurance companies can send an agent to the site immediately to help determine fault and help you get paid as fast as possible.

Parking lot accidents are stressful, confusing and inconvenient. They can be made a little more bearable by following our simple advice. Just remember, keep calm, take plenty of pictures, and call your insurance provider the next time you’re in a parking lot accident.


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Insurance Tips: When Not To Use Insurance.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Feb 8, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Drivers can save money by finding discount services that come in under the cost of an insurance deductible. Driver can save time, hassle and potential considerable money by following this simple tip. If the cost of a repair costs less than the deductible, the best choice can be to have it taken care of without involving the insurance company. Every time a driver calls an insurance company to arrange payment, a driver risks an increase in overall premiums.

By simply finding the best value in auto glass repair, and taking advantage of it by paying the out-of-pocket costs themselves, a driver can save thousands of dollars over the life of an insurance policy. Auto Glass discounts can provide major discounts and can often come in under budget this way. Particularly for minor damage that can be easily filled. These are typically the small chips, scratches and dings that result from roadside debris or inclement weather. This type of work can be cheaper than a deductible, even without a discount auto glass rate.

For more major repairs like full windshield installations, finding the right discounter can be a little more important to find a lower rate than a deductible. When drivers can find an auto glass discounter who offers rates as much as 40%, 50% or 60% from industry standards. They can often come in under the cost of a deductible. This type of specialists strives to offer the lowest rates possible to make themselves an attractive option to drivers who want to save money, regardless of insurance costs.

Drivers can find quite a bit of savings on their insurance by getting a better rate on auto glass repair than they would pay on an insurance deductible. For minor repairs, this is as simple as getting auto glass filled cheaply. For larger glass damage that requires replacement, this can mean finding the right auto glass discounter. Auto Glass now offers drivers the lowest rates possible to try and be that auto glass discounter.

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You’re driving down the road and out of the blue when it happens. A bird, rock or other piece of road debris smashes into your windshield. It leaves a major chip, gouge, crack, splinter or shatter in the windshield. Even worse, a roadside collision with another car, obstruction or larger animal has shattered your entire windshield, leaving only an open hole with glass debris dangling from the edges. You’ve stopped the car and made sure you’re still in good health, and everyone in the car is safe. Now you have some choices to make, revolving around how you want to proceed and what options will work the best for you in getting the windshield repaired or replaced.

Obviously, if anyone has been injured the first step is to call emergency services to get them the help they need. Then it’s a matter of deciding how to move forward with auto glass repair. Roadside assistance can typically offer a free tow to the nearest auto glass repair service. This can take time, but it is far more cost effective to keep a roadside assistance policy than calling for a regular towing service. In either option, having the glass work performed by an auto glass specialist will offer drivers a significant discount when compared to having glass repairs performed at a full service auto mechanic or auto body shop.

An increasingly popular option for modern drivers who only have to contend with auto glass damage is to call for mobile auto glass repair. A mobile repair service can provide a fast and simple solution to most minor incidents of auto glass damage. Chips, scratches and gouges that don’t pierce both layers of a laminated two part windshield can be easily repaired with a resin injection.

Even major damage can be treated right at the roadside in many instances. If the only major damage a vehicle has suffered in an auto accident is to the auto glass, a mobile service can provide a far cheaper alternative to going to a brick and mortar shop. A mobile glass repair specialist can perform a new windshield installation right at the site of the accident, freeing the driver to do whatever they like with the rest of the day.

In the wake of a collision with minor or major roadside debris or hazards, auto glass is often the first thing to break. If the damage is to the auto glass alone, calling a mobile repair service can save a driver quite a bit of time and quite a bit of money. An auto glass specialist can perform minor repairs or a full windshield replacement in the time it can take a driver to arrive at a brick and mortar shop via tow-truck. Normally auto glass specialists are the cheapest option, as well.

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Insurance Tip: Drive Safely.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Jan 25, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

The most fundamental tip for saving money with auto insurance is to drive safely. It sounds simple, and in some ways it is, but there are many rewards for safe drivers. When buying a new policy, a driver’s past record is always considered. Driving safely and defensively give drivers an edge for driving safely. Avoiding accidents over the course of a lifetime can dramatically lower rates.

When considering how much to charge for a policy, insurance companies look into past driving records for a record of a driver’s general risk. Even accidents that are not the fault of the driver can count against this overall record. Mutual fault accidents can likewise count against a driver when they are getting a new policy. Doing everything a driver can to avoid an accident is the surest way to save over a lifetime of driving.

Basic defensive driving is important, both for car insurance and in overall risk avoidance. Leaving more than enough distance between vehicles prevents rear end collisions in both short and long stop situations. Careful monitoring of the road gives drivers ample warning if approaching and accident or other road hazard. Being patient and not aggressive can make lane changes and passing safer.

A good driving record can save drivers hundreds of dollars a year on an insurance policy. Over the lifetime of one vehicle, thousands of dollars can be saved by safe driving. Defensive driving is an easy way to ensure safe driving. Careful observation of the roads and traffic laws should help a driver avoid accidents, which will lead to better insurance rates in the long term.

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Truck drivers can benefit considerably from keeping the number for a mobile auto glass repair service on hand. Truck windshield glass can be a difficult to replace, and many standard auto services will have to special order the components. Towing a large box truck or semi truck is expensive and problematic. Even finding an auto repair service that can handle shipping truck windshields can be difficult in small cities or rural communities. Mobile auto glass repair specialists can perform many truck glass repairs and replacements on-site. This means on the side of the road or in a parking lot. Many mobile auto glass specialists offer significant discounts and keep all manner of auto glass in stock.

Truck windshield glass is larger and requires more fittings and weatherstripping than a standard windshield. Quickly removing and replacing the glass on a commercial truck, bus or other large vehicle is usually impossible for anyone but a fully stocked auto glass specialist. An auto glass expert will often have the right sized windshield available, or at least access to a local provider.

Finding any glass service that can handle a full size truck can be difficult in a pinch. A truck that knows the nearest mobile auto glass services on their own route can save themselves immense hassle. The cost of towing a large truck can easily reach over a thousand dollars, and take hours while the right size tow truck is located. A locally available mobile glass service will save a truck drivers significant money and significant time.

Mobile auto glass repair services can save large truck drivers considerable time and money. A mobile auto glass repair is far faster than having a large vehicle towed. Mobile repair is also far cheaper than a long tow. An auto glass specialist is far more likely to have a windshield in stock for a large sized vehicle, and can install that windshield on-site of the accident. Truck drivers are advised to look for a mobile auto glass specialist for roadside emergencies.

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Insurance Tip: Premium Vs Deductible.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jan 21, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

The two biggest costs associated with auto insurance are the premium and deductible. The premium is the total yearly cost of the insurance, usually paid monthly, yearly or quarterly. The deductible is the cost paid when calling the insurance to make a payment in the case of an auto accident. Typically the relationship between an auto insurance premium and deductible are inverse, or opposite one another. When premiums are low, deductibles are high, and the opposite is also true. It’s important to get the right deductible, and the right premium, for the insurance policy that best suits you.

For drivers who don’t drive often, avoid accidents and don’t have regular auto glass or auto body damage due to weather. A low premium, high deductible, plan is often the best idea. This allows drivers to save on the overall payments over the course of the year, assuming they won’t get into any accidents. This type of plan can be risky for anyone living on a fixed budget. Even thought he insurance will usually cover major damage, a high deductible can range anywhere from $500-$1500 or more dollars.

For drivers in who must be on the road regularly, drivers who deal with major weather damage or drive through more dangerous or high traffic areas, a low deductible plan is usually the better choice. A low deductible means a driver pays little in an emergency that calls for insurance, but generally a higher premium. High monthly payments aren’t ideal for anyone but fit many budgets better than a major deductible in the case of an emergency.

Drivers who can find a decent balance of premium and deductible that fits their budget and needs are getting the most of their insurance. A wide range of deductible and premium options are available. Many insurance companies offer special rates on both options.

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Saving Money with Auto Glass Maintenance.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jan 21, 2013 Under Auto Glass Repair

Going to the auto glass shop to ensure everything is in order can be a very important part of a maintenance routine. Even if it isn’t always what people think of when it comes to long term maintenance. Auto glass motors and electric systems can go out fairly easily, particularly on older model cars. A seasonal change or a move might require checking the weather stripping around windows to ensure water isn’t leaking in and causes expensive damage. Even minute cracks and chips a drive may not have noticed can risk turning into major damage if not properly fixed. Luckily, mobile and shop based auto glass services are available and are typically very affordable when it comes to routine maintenance.

Any window that rolls down will eventually need maintenance. Hand crank window assembly on older model vehicles is usually considered the most reliable type of window, due to the entirely mechanical build of most of these assemblies. When they do break, however, repair often means custom parts and can get expensive quickly. Electrical windows have many areas things can go wrong. In addition to glass breakage, some electrical assemblies are prone to short when exposed to moisture. Early power windows often burn out due to stress that could have been avoided with proper lubrication and wire maintenance.

Weather stripping can suffer damage in a number of ways. Both intense heat and cold damage soft plastic and foam components and adhesives. Even small blemishes in the weather stripping can allow moisture into the vehicle, which can lead to rust and rot in wet climates. Weather stripping is cheap and easy to repair. Replacing it as part of routine maintenance can save drivers quite a bit of money compared to replacing a rotten car ceiling liner.

Glass damage is the most basic component of routine maintenance. Carefully looking for small chips, cracks and other damage in any area the windshield reaches is important. More experienced drivers and windshield technicians can also catch other signs of windshield strain. Minor glass damage can quickly turn into major glass damage, so filling even minor cracks can save quite a bit of time in the long run.

Auto glass services can easily perform a wide range of these maintenance services for far cheaper than repairs will cost after a component finally breaks. Maintenance is easy and affordable from most auto glass specialists, who can give the car a thorough examination and offer suggestions. Consider doing some routine maintenance when a car changes climate or at the changes in season.

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