Insurance Tips: Parking Lot Accidents.

Posted by Joshua on Saturday Feb 16, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Parking lot accidents are some of the most common, and most annoying, accidents drivers get into. People are in a hurry to get in and get out of shopping centers and gas stations. This leads to fender benders, side scrapes and everyone’s favorite; the backing up collision. Parking lot accidents are annoying pretty much every time because we were already well on our way to our from somewhere.

No one enjoys being stuck with groceries in the car, on the way to an important engagement or just about any other situation with a parking lot fender bender. On top of the regular annoyance, often it’s pretty difficult to determine who was at fault. In many states, fault can be an odd thing to work out in a parking lot accident. This can make dealing with your insurance company afterwards very annoying. ┬áThere are some general guidelines that can help.

Keep your cool. This may sound silly, but in a stressful situation keeping calm can be extremely helpful to resolving things quickly. Keeping a cool head and being polite to the other drive will go a long way.

Take plenty of pictures. When you first get into a parking lot accident, get out and take as many pictures as possible.  Be courteous to the other driver and make sure they know it is only for insurance purposes. The more details the insurance companies have, the easier they can determine how to deal with a claim appropriately.

Call your insurance provider. Call your insurance agent immediately and advise the other driver to do the same. Many insurance companies can send an agent to the site immediately to help determine fault and help you get paid as fast as possible.

Parking lot accidents are stressful, confusing and inconvenient. They can be made a little more bearable by following our simple advice. Just remember, keep calm, take plenty of pictures, and call your insurance provider the next time you’re in a parking lot accident.


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