Don’t Drive With a Damaged Windshield.

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Driving with broken auto glass is pretty much always a bad idea. Cracked, chipped and damaged windshields pose several risks to drivers. Minor damage can spread quickly when any stresses are applied. Nearly all of these can represent a distraction or danger to the driver. In many locations, driving with significant windshield damage is illegal. Mobile glass repair services are readily available for drivers who need auto glass replacement but cannot drive due to the damage.

Driving with auto glass damage is dangerous in a few different ways. Chips can turn into cracks and then spiderwebs style cracks quickly in cold climates. All of these minor damages can prevent roadside visibility. Deep cracks, shatters and other major damage risks breaking free and injuring or severely distracting the driver. A driver should avoid moving the vehicle with major auto glass damage. Drivers should seriously consider not driving the vehicle with even minor auto glass damage.

Driving with windshield damage can also be a bad idea because it’s illegal in many places. Driving with major auto glass damage is considered a distraction or driving hazard in many cities. Driving with windshield shatters or a risk of flying glass can even be considered reckless operations in some jurisdictions. Even when not illegal it can warrant a roadside vehicle inspection, something most drivers would prefer to avoid.

There’s really nothing that makes driving with a broken windshield a good idea. It risks further damage, distraction and injury. Damaged windshields can be illegal on many levels. Mobile glass repair is available to help drivers with all manner of auto glass damage. Drivers who prefer safe traveling with minimum hassle are advised to call for mobile glass repair.

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When stuck with a roadside auto glass emergency there are a few options available to drivers. If the damage is purely glass related, calling for mobile auto glass repair is almost always the better option. Mobile auto glass services are fast, effective and cheap, particularly in comparison to auto body repair shops.

Calling for a mobile auto glass specialist can save hours of time in the wake of an auto glass emergency. Major glass damage that prevents driving would require a tow to a repair shop under normal circumstances. If the damage is only to the glass; however, a technician can usually repair or replace the glass right at the roadside. This can save hours of travel time after the tow truck arrives, not to mention the time waiting for an auto body shop to get around to a glass repair.

Mobile auto glass specialists can save drivers considerable money over going to a standard auto body or mechanical repair shop. Auto glass specialists tend to stock more auto glass options than standard repair shops, allowing them to offer deep discounts by comparison. Mobile auto glass repair is usually available without a roadside assistance plan, and can save drivers big bucks when compared to a tow and full mark-up at a standard garage.

Waiting on the side of the road in the wake of accident is never fun. If the damage is purely glass related, a specialty service can at least remove some of the trouble. Mobile auto glass repair can save drivers time and money. The savings are pretty dramatic when compared to towing into a regular service shop. This makes mobile auto glass repair an excellent option in the wake of an emergency.

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Auto Glass Over the Holidays.

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With the holidays in full swing, there are a few things to consider about auto glass. Accidents are more frequent over the holidays, so being prepared for an emergency is a good idea. There are some basic winter maintenance tips and tricks that help around the holidays, particularly where auto glass is concerned. Driving safely and regulating windshield temperature are important. For a unique holiday gift, consider windshield replacement or repair.

Keeping a blanket and other emergency supplies in the vehicle over the cold winter holidays is a good idea. Keeping a repair service number handy is very advisable. It is also generally a good idea to keep the number for auto glass specialists on hand in case of minor windshield damage.

Safe Driving is key to preventing windshield damage from accidents. Keep the windshield as clean and ice free as possible when driving This stabilizes the temperature of the glass as well as providing maximum visibility. If glass services have to be mobile, try and find a warm garage with an even temperature for the glass repair to take place. Glass repairs typically take an hour to set up and freezing can prevent proper repairs.

When looking for gift options around the holidays, auto glass repair and replacement make surprisingly good options. Family members will be grateful to have the problem taken care of as a gift and auto glass services can vary in price. If a driver in the family has windshield damage they have let go, a repair can make for an excellent surprise.

People don’t usually think of auto glass around the holidays, but if they did they could save themselves time and trouble. Driving safely and keeping supplies in case of any auto emergency are important to winter driving in general. Keeping the phone number for an auto glass repair service with other important service numbers can be very important in a roadside emergency. Auto glass repair and replacement services can even make an excellent and surprising holiday gift!

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Basic Variations of Auto Glass Damage.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

There are many types of damage that windshields might undergo over the life of one vehicle. Windshields are fairly resilient, and the multiple players of glass make some types of damage worse than others. Some types of auto glass damage are reparable where some require an outright glass replacement. Chips are the most common type of impact damage and the easiest to repair. Cracks can vary widely in size and shape. Some cracks can be repaired while others will require a full replacement of the damaged auto glass. Breaks, shatters and large holes are irreparable and necessitate a full auto glass replacement.

The smallest chips are light gouges or abrasions into the first layer of glass. While not terribly damaging or distracting, chips that obscure the road or stand to grow into larger cracks should be repaired quickly. While some chips may not technically require repair but repair is advisable as a variety of conditions can lead to chips spreading into cracks.

Cracks make up the bulk of windshield damage. Cracks can occur because of natural window stress or impact damage. Small cracks that are only an inch or two in length can typically be repaired with a filler compound. Stress cracks can be filled but will typically return with time. Larger cracks, multiple connected cracks in a star, web or bullseye pattern, or cracks that penetrate both layers of the windshield are typically also irreparable and require a full auto glass replacement.

Full shatters, deep gouges that punch through to the driver, holes and other major damage should be replaced immediately. This type of damage can present both real danger and significant distraction. Glass chips and debris, as well as airflow from major holes, pose a very real distraction and risk. If possible a mobile glass repair service is probably the best option for this type of major damage. A mobile service will keep the driver off the road while certified glass technicians perform replacement work on site.

Modern windshields are fairly resilient, and minor damage might seem easy to ignore. Small chips are easily repairable and if left unattended can lead to cracks. Cracks vary in size, depth and shape and may be reparable. Larger cracks, as well as deep gouges and holes, will require a full glass replacement. If one is available, a mobile repair service is a great alternative to driving with major auto glass damage.

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Saving money on automotive bills is a basically a hobby for some drivers. Finding the lowest cost replacement parts, the lowest cost shops, the most freebies and best service has become increasingly popular during the economic downturn and the auto glass market has responded. That means, effectively, that there is no reason for a driver to pay full markup for windshield repair. Dealerships and auto repair shops tend to mark up incidentals like luxury electronics and windshield components purely because they can. Looking for an effective auto glass discount shop is a much better option for a wide range of drivers.

Dealership services are notorious for mark ups on parts, labor, service fees and anything else they can charge. While the stereotype of a crooked dealership isn’t as true as it once was dealerships do tend to charge a premium because drivers expect specialty service. With auto glass there is simply no need to pay that mark up as the parent company is almost never going to be the glass manufacturer.

Automotive repair and maintenance shops that focus on diagnosis and repair of engine assembly, electrical and other mechanical systems often up charge for glass as well. This type of shop must operate on a budget of percentages and profit on each type of repair it makes. This can lead to heavy mark up on auto glass.

Finding a discount auto glass specialist is always the better option. Auto glass wholesalers can offer very low prices. Drivers can avoid paying too much by finding a local auto glass discounter.

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Mobile Auto Glass vs. Auto Glass Repair Centers.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Windshields and windows suffer a wide array of damage. The nature of auto glass, specifically, makes this damage act in different ways than may drivers not in the know would ever consider. Windshield glass is typically reinforced and coated with a lamination like layer or other surfacing agent. This prevents the glass from immediately shattering into the drivers cockpit, a luxury older model cars don’t always have. This surfacing also tends to hold glass in place even with deep cracks, pits and abrasions that would lead to normal glass shattering. While the glass is suspended it is in need of attention or it stands to worse when exposed to elemental stresses like temperature, wind pressure or even heavy rain. Normally drivers are faced with calling a mobile glass repair center or heading into a brick and mortar glass repair shop.  Both have benefits that a driver may find outweighs the other and the cons are minimal when going to an auto glass specialist for auto glass work.

Emergency auto glass repairs usually call for a mobile specialist.  This is particularly true in cases where the driver does not feel safe driving due to the severity of the damage. Major spiderweb cracking, holes through the windshield and visible fallen glass dust or shards mean the vehicle should not be driven. If the damage is simply to the windshield the driver normally will not need to be towed and can simply can a mobile auto glass repair specialist to replace the windshield.

Lesser damage can typically be taken to the auto glass shop at the drivers leisure. As a matter of course  drivers should not wait very long to have even small window glass damage addressed. Minor auto glass damage can spread if left untreated and cost the driver far more than a stop at an auto glass repair shop. Chips scratches and small cracks can all be filled relatively cheaply and allow a low cost alternative to full windshield or window replacement.


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Getting the Most From Auto Glass Repair Services.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Typically a major auto glass break is a trying experience. Driving with major windshield damage or a missing or severely broken window is not convenient even in the summer.  In a rainy spring or autumn or on a cold winter it can be downright difficult to drive. Take the distress of weather and a potential windshield shatter and add the cost of buying a replacement windshield or window at a standard auto body shop or dealership repair center and it’s downright stressful. There are a few easy ways to get the most of an auto glass repair experience and make it easier on the wallet and on the nerves. The easiest of these are finding deep discount auto glass shops and getting the most value out of the service once you’ve found them.

Discounts Discounts Discounts:

Full mark up makes for a pretty expensive car repair. Particular for a non moving or non mechanical part. In almost all rural and urban areas there will be options when it comes to glass repair and installation. Deep discount auto glass is available in most specialty shops.

Mobile Auto Glass Saves Time and Money:

Many auto glass services, particularly in rural areas, now offer mobile auto glass repair and replacement. Certified techs can take everything they need in a service van or truck to repair most minor cracks, chips and breaks. Most mobile glass repair services can install a full windshield and preform repairs on home glass as well.

Getting the most out of an auto glass repair service is simple. Doing research and finding a discount shop will offer significant savings. Using a mobile auto glass service saves time and gas money making the process easier and more affordable.


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Typical Auto Glass Services.

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Auto glass repair shops typically offer an array of auto glass repair and replacement options as well as several other services. Window motors and electrical systems are commonly repaired in glass shops rather than standard repair shops. Window tinting and mirror work is also typical with many auto glass shops. Lastly mobile auto and even home glass replacement and repair are fairly typical from any better auto glass shop.

Obviously, any auto glass repair shop is going to do auto glass repair and replacement. Including windshields, side windows vents and accent windows. What may not be as obvious is that a specialty glass shop is likely to charge far less on windshield replacement than a dealership or standard auto body or repair shop. This is because a glass specialty shop can stock windshields in bulk, among other discounter secrets.

Nearly every reputable auto glass repair shop is going to have an in depth understanding of window electrical systems as well. This includes window motors and regulators, defrost and defog systems, wipers and the electrical systems that power all of them. Before going to an auto repair shop drivers are recommended to look to an auto glass discounter for all of these services.

When drivers think of auto glass they rarely think of the extras.  Window tinting and mirrors are usually available at much the same discounts that an auto glass shop offers on standard window work. Shops that offer comprehensive auto glass services, particularly those that work with insurance companies, will offer mobile auto glass repair as well. These shops will typically offer any type of glass installation or repair on a mobile basis, not only automobile glass.

A better auto glass repair shop will offer several services in addition simple replacement and repair.  Window tinting, mirrors, and all powered systems that are related to windows and windshields are typically serviceable at a good auto glass shop. And mobile auto glass repair is typically available for cars, homes or any other glass needs a customer may have.

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It is no great secret that new technologies and innovations tend to cost more when replacement and repair of components is needed. The length of time it takes for any industry to catch up to these initial repair and replacement costs can vary greatly. Take auto glass for example.  It took nearly a hundred years from the first windshield until  reasonably discounted auto glass repair shops became commonplace in the market. Even well after standard windshield replacement was an easy to understand process drivers continued to pay hefty mark ups and outrageous labor fees when going to a dealership with auto glass issues.

By the 80’s discount auto glass services were on their way to being more regular.  Standard, non dealership, auto body shops offered glass replacement and repair services fairly regularly in most areas. While accessibility flourished and prices dropped compared to a hefty dealer mark up, they still hadn’t hit a point to be sufficiently called “discount” for a wide variety of drivers.

The demand for tinted windows and specialty glass components fueled the need for glass only specialty shops. Auto glass specialty shops paved the way for the modern auto glass market to flourish from the early 90’s up to the modern age of windshield repair.

These days, discount auto glass shops are relatively commonplace. From window tinting to full replacement and repair services a devoted motorist can find auto glass services that match their budget. Dealerships and general auto shops can still charge exorbitant prices, but specialty glass shops offer a wide range of discounts and rates. New installations, repairs, modifications and replacements are all available with at deep discount. More recently, mobile auto glass repair services have become very common saving customers even more time and money on a wide range of auto glass services.

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The Windshield Installation Process.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 2, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

The windshield glass installation is fairly easy to understand but difficult to master process. It does require specialty tools and materials and is only preformed safely when done by a trained technician using the proper tools. Normally windshield installation takes place during a windshield replacement so those steps will be covered as well.

First off, during a windshield replacement, the old glass must be removed. This usually involves chipping away fragmented pieces while large pieces or mostly intact windows can simply be cut loose and removed mostly intact. The full shape of the old windshield will need to be unscrewed and any panels over top of the windshield area removed as well. Once the windshield has been removed entirely and all glass and original adhesive strips removed then the area where the new windshield will adhere is thoroughly cleaned with a chemical primer, not unlike the type used in plumbing.

Normally the exact type of windshield  for a vehicle is already known by a shop based on vehicle make model and year, and will be available at most better windshield replacement or repair shops. Once the old window components are removed and cleaned the new window is cleaned with a primer as the location was. A long strip of adhesive is then placed onto the vehicle and the window lowered into place. The window is then screwed down and panels and components put in place, after a minimum drying time, the new window is as good as new. While the cleanliness of a repair shop is often preferred these services can normally be preformed at any location.


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