Insurance Tips: Parking Lot Accidents.

Posted by Joshua on Saturday Feb 16, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Parking lot accidents are some of the most common, and most annoying, accidents drivers get into. People are in a hurry to get in and get out of shopping centers and gas stations. This leads to fender benders, side scrapes and everyone’s favorite; the backing up collision. Parking lot accidents are annoying pretty much every time because we were already well on our way to our from somewhere.

No one enjoys being stuck with groceries in the car, on the way to an important engagement or just about any other situation with a parking lot fender bender. On top of the regular annoyance, often it’s pretty difficult to determine who was at fault. In many states, fault can be an odd thing to work out in a parking lot accident. This can make dealing with your insurance company afterwards very annoying.  There are some general guidelines that can help.

Keep your cool. This may sound silly, but in a stressful situation keeping calm can be extremely helpful to resolving things quickly. Keeping a cool head and being polite to the other drive will go a long way.

Take plenty of pictures. When you first get into a parking lot accident, get out and take as many pictures as possible.  Be courteous to the other driver and make sure they know it is only for insurance purposes. The more details the insurance companies have, the easier they can determine how to deal with a claim appropriately.

Call your insurance provider. Call your insurance agent immediately and advise the other driver to do the same. Many insurance companies can send an agent to the site immediately to help determine fault and help you get paid as fast as possible.

Parking lot accidents are stressful, confusing and inconvenient. They can be made a little more bearable by following our simple advice. Just remember, keep calm, take plenty of pictures, and call your insurance provider the next time you’re in a parking lot accident.


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Insurance Tips: When Not To Use Insurance.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Feb 8, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Drivers can save money by finding discount services that come in under the cost of an insurance deductible. Driver can save time, hassle and potential considerable money by following this simple tip. If the cost of a repair costs less than the deductible, the best choice can be to have it taken care of without involving the insurance company. Every time a driver calls an insurance company to arrange payment, a driver risks an increase in overall premiums.

By simply finding the best value in auto glass repair, and taking advantage of it by paying the out-of-pocket costs themselves, a driver can save thousands of dollars over the life of an insurance policy. Auto Glass discounts can provide major discounts and can often come in under budget this way. Particularly for minor damage that can be easily filled. These are typically the small chips, scratches and dings that result from roadside debris or inclement weather. This type of work can be cheaper than a deductible, even without a discount auto glass rate.

For more major repairs like full windshield installations, finding the right discounter can be a little more important to find a lower rate than a deductible. When drivers can find an auto glass discounter who offers rates as much as 40%, 50% or 60% from industry standards. They can often come in under the cost of a deductible. This type of specialists strives to offer the lowest rates possible to make themselves an attractive option to drivers who want to save money, regardless of insurance costs.

Drivers can find quite a bit of savings on their insurance by getting a better rate on auto glass repair than they would pay on an insurance deductible. For minor repairs, this is as simple as getting auto glass filled cheaply. For larger glass damage that requires replacement, this can mean finding the right auto glass discounter. Auto Glass now offers drivers the lowest rates possible to try and be that auto glass discounter.

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Insurance Tip: Drive Safely.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Jan 25, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

The most fundamental tip for saving money with auto insurance is to drive safely. It sounds simple, and in some ways it is, but there are many rewards for safe drivers. When buying a new policy, a driver’s past record is always considered. Driving safely and defensively give drivers an edge for driving safely. Avoiding accidents over the course of a lifetime can dramatically lower rates.

When considering how much to charge for a policy, insurance companies look into past driving records for a record of a driver’s general risk. Even accidents that are not the fault of the driver can count against this overall record. Mutual fault accidents can likewise count against a driver when they are getting a new policy. Doing everything a driver can to avoid an accident is the surest way to save over a lifetime of driving.

Basic defensive driving is important, both for car insurance and in overall risk avoidance. Leaving more than enough distance between vehicles prevents rear end collisions in both short and long stop situations. Careful monitoring of the road gives drivers ample warning if approaching and accident or other road hazard. Being patient and not aggressive can make lane changes and passing safer.

A good driving record can save drivers hundreds of dollars a year on an insurance policy. Over the lifetime of one vehicle, thousands of dollars can be saved by safe driving. Defensive driving is an easy way to ensure safe driving. Careful observation of the roads and traffic laws should help a driver avoid accidents, which will lead to better insurance rates in the long term.

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Insurance Tip: Premium Vs Deductible.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jan 21, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

The two biggest costs associated with auto insurance are the premium and deductible. The premium is the total yearly cost of the insurance, usually paid monthly, yearly or quarterly. The deductible is the cost paid when calling the insurance to make a payment in the case of an auto accident. Typically the relationship between an auto insurance premium and deductible are inverse, or opposite one another. When premiums are low, deductibles are high, and the opposite is also true. It’s important to get the right deductible, and the right premium, for the insurance policy that best suits you.

For drivers who don’t drive often, avoid accidents and don’t have regular auto glass or auto body damage due to weather. A low premium, high deductible, plan is often the best idea. This allows drivers to save on the overall payments over the course of the year, assuming they won’t get into any accidents. This type of plan can be risky for anyone living on a fixed budget. Even thought he insurance will usually cover major damage, a high deductible can range anywhere from $500-$1500 or more dollars.

For drivers in who must be on the road regularly, drivers who deal with major weather damage or drive through more dangerous or high traffic areas, a low deductible plan is usually the better choice. A low deductible means a driver pays little in an emergency that calls for insurance, but generally a higher premium. High monthly payments aren’t ideal for anyone but fit many budgets better than a major deductible in the case of an emergency.

Drivers who can find a decent balance of premium and deductible that fits their budget and needs are getting the most of their insurance. A wide range of deductible and premium options are available. Many insurance companies offer special rates on both options.

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Insurance Tips: Accident Response

Posted by Joshua on Friday Dec 28, 2012 Under Insurance Tips

There are a few things every driver should do immediately in the case of an accident. There are obvious basic situation, safety and medical checks, as well as contacting  assistance as needed. Many drivers stop there, however, when they could take a few more basic precautions to ensure that their insurance rates don’t suffer as a result of the accident. After the driver makes sure everyone is safe, there are a few smart steps to take regarding your insurance company.


After any accident,  the first thing to do is to check the safety of everyone involved. Making sure everyone is conscious and unharmed should always come first. Followed by making sure the vehicle is still safe to occupy. If there are no flames, gas leaks or major dangers, waiting in the vehicle is generally the safest options. Once everyone is safe and secure it is typically then time to call any relevant authorities or emergency services that may be needed at the scene of the accident.

Many drivers will stop there, but in most cases going a few steps further can help the insurance company sort things out in favor of the driver. Calling your insurance company in the wake of an accident is often a good idea. Many insurance firms will send a field inspector out to the scene of an accident to perform the insurance investigation on the spot. Taking pictures of the accident scene and positions of the vehicle or vehicles involved can be important. Beyond these measures taking any statements of fault offered by other drivers or police reports for the insurance company will help.

Following these steps both ensure the safety of the driver and passengers, as well as the vehicle. Contacting the insurance company immediately in the wake of an accident can save drivers on an increase in premiums or deductible. Using both options suffer all around  protection for the driver.

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Insurance Tips: Deductible Options.

Posted by Joshua on Sunday Dec 23, 2012 Under Insurance Tips

When dealing with car insurance policies, the deductible can be a headache for many drivers. It’s really not that hard to decide if a driver is armed with the proper knowledge. High deductible, low deductible and median deductible plans all have merits that can save drivers money in the long run. Many insurance services also offer a lowered deductible for good drivers, or other deductible based rewards.

High deductible plans are typically fairly low cost month to month. It’s why many drivers prefer them. While the out-of-pocket cost can be significant in a wreck or other incident that requires insurance, the low monthly fees are important to a wide range of drivers. Careful drivers and drivers looking to save on overall plan costs can often choose a high deductible plan.

Mid range deductible plans keep the deductible in the median range. They tend to offer an average cost both out-of-pocket and in the regular payments. Mid range plans are good for drivers who can afford a little more monthly and a little less out of pocket in case of an emergency.

Low deductible plans tend to cost quite a bit month to month, but in the event of an accident tend to have little to no out of pocket cost for the driver. These plans are appealing to parents of younger drivers, drivers who may not always be the most careful or drivers with the monthly funds to not worry worry about the overall costs.

In addition to these, many insurance services now offer incentives based on driving. A lowered deductible cost in an accident if you’ve driven for a year without one, for example. Some insurance companies even offer lowered prices on the insurance as a whole. Combining the best deductible with this kind of savings is ideal for many drivers.

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Insurance Tips: Maximizing Insurance Savings.

Posted by Joshua on Sunday Dec 23, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

There are several ways to save on the long term cost of insurance. This is true in terms of long term costs and deductibles and overheads when insurance is required to make a payment. Many insurers offer bundles which can save drivers significant money on automobile and other insurance. Using only insurance approved shops and services like certified auto glass repair shops can save both the insurance company and a driver money in the long term. Good driving is important when acquiring a new policy. It can also be extremely important to long term savings with many new policy options.

Drivers can save quite a bit by using an insurance company that allows them to bundle service. Combining automotive insurance with home, motorcycle, boat owners, renters or other insurances can get a lower rate on all of them. The savings can add quickly if a company offers a price reduction on each insurance when bundled together.

Using certified and insurance approved services is another good way to make significant savings. Drivers can usually get a discounted rate on roadside assistance, or even free roadside assistance from an insurance company. Drivers can also save by using repair services approved by their insurers. As an example, auto glass repair specialists often work with insurance companies. This relationship offers both the company and the driver deep discounts on auto glass services and deductibles.

Good driving for years can get drivers significant discounts when it comes to shopping for a policy. Most insurance companies now offer drivers a reward for even longer periods of good driving. Drivers can also earn a lower deductible, a lower rate or both from simply driving carefully.

Drivers can save significantly on auto insurance in a number of ways. Bundling insurance with other insurances offers deep savings. Using approved and certified specialists, like auto glass repair specialists can save major bucks. Finally, simply being a good driver and avoiding automotive damage can save thousands of dollars over the life of an insurance policy.

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Insurance Tips: Defensive Winter Driving.

Posted by Joshua on Thursday Dec 6, 2012 Under Insurance Tips, Uncategorized

Avoiding accidents, tickets and auto damage is the surest way to maintain a good premium. It’s also pretty good advice for drivers who get a lower deductible or other careful driver perks from the insurance company. Accidents happen during the winter, a combination of weather, festivities and rushing around makes the roads a little more dangerous. Following a couple basic insurance tips can help with making it through a winter without an accident or risk of increased premium.

First and foremost, driving carefully is terribly important in the winter season. In many states road conditions like black ice and freezing rain cause accidents when drivers are not paying attention to road conditions. The holidays also mean people can get a little extra festive. Staying alert to other drivers is essential.

Remember posted speed limits. This seems obvious, but everyone finds themselves in a rush at some point over the holidays. Traffic congestion due to weather, accidents or holiday events events is a fairly common in most cities. Law enforcement is out in force over the holiday season and avidly pull over speeding drivers. Leaving the house a little early is one of the surest ways to avoid running late due to winter or holiday driving conditions.

Avoiding auto damage and tickets can be the hardest thing across the winter season. Combining festivities with rushing about and nasty weather makes for all manner of mishaps that can affect a drivers’ insurance premium. Basic insurance tips can help immensely. Driving defensively and staying alert are key to avoiding accidents. Defensive driver can aid with both with the weather and with other drivers. Making sure to plan ahead and take the time necessary to travel can help prevent speeding and encounters with law enforcement. Avoiding damage and tickets over winter is a great way to earn a lowered deductible.

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Auto Glass Tips: Only Use Reputable Services.

Posted by Joshua on Thursday Dec 6, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

When shopping around for auto glass repair and replacement services it is imperative to use reputable services that offer scrupulous practices and reasonable rates. There are a few simple tips to assuring you find a quality auto glass service. Always go to a service shop or call a shop affiliated mobile service. Avoid walk up offers of auto glass repair or replacement as a rule. Avoid services that can’t give a printed or online estimate up front.

The first step in finding a reputable service is to compare rates. An extremely high up front rate is a sure sign of price gouging and a shop to be avoided. Unfortunately this moves many dealerships near the top of the list. This is mostly due to the prevalence of auto glass discounters and specialty shops in the modern market.


Some drivers are confronted with a windshield washer or street style offer to replace a windshield at no cost. This is almost certainly a terrible way to consider replacing a windshield  This type of walk up is generally a scam to bill an insurance company high rates, likely raising a premium or voiding a policy altogether. Always go to a reputable auto glass repair service with at least a business license and professional surroundings or service.

Getting an estimate is essential to ensure you have found a reputable service. A auto glass estimate, or quote, should be easy to access in print online or in standard writing. The service should preform the work in a reasonable amount of time and honor the estimate, or come as close to it as possible. If a shop can’t give an estimate, it is advisable to shop elsewhere.


Using a reputable auto glass service is the surest way to get value and a quality auto glass repair or replacement. Comparing rates to ensure a shop is within industry standards is always a good idea. Never use a service off the street or an offer from someone not at or representing a licensed business. Make sure your auto glass repair shop seems professional and has the proper licenses. If you follow these tips and get an estimate up front you should have no problem with finding a reputable auto glass service.

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Insurance Tips: Taking Advantage of Discounts.

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday Nov 28, 2012 Under Insurance Tips, Uncategorized

A car represents an ongoing cost in the lives of most drivers. Maintenance, gas, repairs and insurance all add up to a significant long term cost. Motorists should be aware of every dollar they can save over the life of a vehicle. One place drivers can save money is by ensuring they are gaining every available discount when buying and maintaining insurance. There are numerous discounts available to drivers when shopping for car insurance. There are also a few discounts insurance companies can provide to drivers that often go unused. Discounts on services affiliated with an insurer can add up to major savings in the long term.

Drivers can normally qualify for numerous discounts when buying insurance or considering changing insurers. When a driver gets a new policy, discounts are available for academic achievements, and things as simple as not smoking. Discounts for existing drivers can vary depending on the insurance company, but most companies do offer some form of discount in the long term. Drivers hitting certain ages can qualify for discounts as can drivers who maintain a good driving record.

Insurers often offer numerous fringe benefits to customers that they may or may not make readily known. Free roadside assistance or discounts on automotive services are common offers from most insurance companies that can save drivers money. Discounts from preferred shops, for example, can save drivers on deductibles and general repairs.

When trying to defray the costs of a vehicle in the long term there are several ways drivers can save money. Insurance companies offer numerous discounts to drivers both on initial purchase of a policy and over the life of a policy. Drivers are encouraged to ask about new discounts when it is time to renew. Drivers are also encouraged to see what services and additional discounts an insurer and affiliates offer.





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