Insurance Tips:New Technology Can Mean New Discounts.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 10, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

When new technology becomes available to insurance companies, they often want to test it quickly. Keeping appraised of the newest options insurance companies are offing is a great way to earn a discount or save a few bucks on auto insurance. This is a simple insurance tip that many drivers overlook, simply because it isn’t always the obvious thing to do. Even if you don’t change your policy regularly, it can still pay off to keep up on the latest options and programs your insurance company offers. Sometimes simply opting in to the right program can start saving drivers money immediately.

Without naming names, a major insurance firm recently unveiled a new device to monitor driving. In the initial testing periods of this device, the insurance company in question offered drivers a healthy discount if their driving data fell within certain parameters. These records included driving speeds, breaking speeds, acceleration and even more detailed driving observations, all from a simple easy to install device that could plug into any vehicle.

The device in question is just one example of how drivers can save for opting into a test program. Drivers found themselves saving a bundle if they could stay within the carefully defined parameters of the insurance companies device. The device also offered the drivers the records at no cost, and did not increase premiums. This device trial is exactly the type of thing we’re talking about with this insurance tip. Check in with your insurer to see if they have any test programs available.

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Insurance Tips: Read Your Policy Carefully.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday May 28, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

This may seem like a no-brainer to experienced drivers, but sometimes even the obvious insurance tips are worth repeating. When a driver first gets an auto insurance policy, they should take the time to go through the paper copy of the policy carefully. This is to ensure that everything they expect is covered in the document. Insurance policies are often long and complex documents and can quite a while to read. It is almost always in the best interest of the policy holder to take this time and familiarize themselves with exactly what they are entitled to in terms of insurance protections. This can save drivers confusion, time, money and significant stress in the case of a mix up.

The insurance companies get quite a bit of bad press regarding denied claims, and there’s no denying they bring it themselves sometimes. Other times, however, a little due diligence on the part of the driver is worth the effort up front. Drivers should make sure they completely understand what a policy means before they have to draw on the insurance coverage for a payment. Taking the extensive and particular legal wording of an insurance policy for granted is where things can start going wrong for a driver.

Sometimes mix ups happen, and a driver isn’t clear about what the policy they really want needs to include. Sometimes there is a legitimate mix up with the insurance agent and the policy a driver thought they were signing up for is shuffled to another policy due to a computer error or other internal confusion at the insurance agency. A driver who reads the policy in full and looks for the terms they need in specific can ensure this type of mix up is fixed quickly and efficiently.

A good example of this type of confusion is in the type of policy itself. Automotive insurance can cover the vehicle and the driver and may be needed to do either in the case of weather related damage. Full coverage generally covers theft and vandalism, but a company may require a separate theft policy or waiver. This can be true when major weather strikes. Auto glass is often damaged in storms, floods and all manner of inclement weather. A driver who wants their auto glass to be insurance covered in the case of bad weather needs to look for coverage in each specific weather instance.

Drivers who take the time to read and makes sure they understand the paper policy they receive are always going to be the most well informed about what their insurance will and will not provide. It is always better when a driver can confirm that they have bought the right policy and that all of their needs are covered. Taking the time to confirm in detail that a policy covers individual circumstances like theft, vandalism and varying types of weather that commonly damages auto glass is a great way to ensure you will receive the benefits you have been paying for when the nasty weather strikes.

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This is a simple insurance tip that any driver can use to make a difficult situation bearable. When a driver is in an auto accident, calling their insurer quickly can provide a ton of benefits. Naturally, drivers will want to make sure everyone is safe in the wake of an accident, and call any relevant emergency services or authorities. After this is done, a call to their insurance company can save them money and sometimes offer them a couple of extra benefits to help ease the situation.

Many modern insurance companies can send a representative out immediately after an accident. This can help to establish fault in the case of a scrape. This can be very helpful in parking lot scrapes where no legal authorities are available to answer a dispute. In major cities, an insurance agents are readily available from most major insurance providers. Major insurance companies often provide extras. This includes accident pickups and rental car drop offs.

Naturally, drivers want to make sure everyone is fine after an automotive accident. Many drivers never consider calling their insurance companies, who can offer them valuable services and advice after an accident. A driver’s insurance company can do more than just cover the accident. If they offer additional services, an insurance company can often bring them to bear on site at an accident. Calling an insurance company from the site of an accident is a basic insurance tips. Accident appraisals, towing, roadside assistance and rental car drop offs on site are all fairly routine insurance company provided services.

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Insurance Tips: Slow Down and Buckle Up.

Posted by Joshua on Friday May 24, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

A few basic auto insurance tips have to do with general auto safety and legalities. It’s a good idea for drivers to pay attention to their speed and make sure they buckle their safety belt. Driving at a safe speed protects the vehicle from all kinds of damage while protecting the driver from law enforcement. Likewise, keeping the safety belt buckled while driving protects drivers from accidents and from tickets. Both maintaining safe speeds and buckling up can prevent major increases in insurance rates.

Drivers speed regularly on surface streets and highways all over America. As far as breaking the law goes, traffic citations are the bottom of the barrel. Seeding tickets can immediately increase a driver’s insurance premiums. Multiple tickets can and often do result in multiple increases to insurance rates. Drivers are advised to maintain a safe speed at all times. Driving at a safe speed has an added benefit of prevent auto glass and auto body damage due to high speed debris impacts.

Everyone has seen the adds that read “Buckle up it’s the law.” They have popped up nationwide in the last two decades. The fact is local governments make huge revenues on seat belt related tickets and the crackdowns are under way. Drivers can avoid rate increases by simply buckling up and avoiding this kind of ticket. Buckling up can protect a driver in several ways beyond law enforcement. No one wants to have an up close meeting with their auto glass.

It’s not terribly difficult. Drivers can save time, energy stress and money by following these basic insurance tips. Slowing down and buckling up can protect drivers from auto glass related injury and from rate increases due to tickets.

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Most drivers opt for the lowest deductible that they can manage and still have a good rate. Some drivers are even willing to pay a high monthly rate in order to pay an extremely low deductible in the wake of an unexpected accident. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but for thousands of drivers it is a huge waste of money. Drivers who are only on the road infrequently can save a bundle by accepting a high deductible.

For drivers who are on the road frequently, especially on the road in high traffic lanes, a low deductible probably is the better idea. For drivers in rural areas, urban drivers who use other methods of transportation and older drivers who only use the vehicle for errands that only take them a short distance, a high deductible plan can be a great idea. A driver with low risk can make much better use of a high deductible plan and will save quite a bit on their monthly rate.

A high deductible means that a driver will pay more in an accident than a high cost plan with a low deductible. Drivers that have a deductible in excess of $500 are advised to keep some money held back just in case of emergencies. Accidents do happen and even if a driver is in a low risk zone and there is no way to be prepared for every other driver. Saving a deductible payment is a smart move if you’ve saving on monthly payments.

Many drivers can take advantage of a high deductible plan. Short distance drivers and infrequent drivers can save hundreds or thousands of dollars with a high deductible plan. Many insurance companies charge extremely low rates with high deductible plans. Just in case of emergencies, drivers are encouraged to keep some cash back to help with the payments on a high deductible plan.

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Local insurance providers are often the best options on the market and can provide outstanding values. Everyone knows that national auto insurance companies are more than happy to take their money. The sheer amount of commercials for auto insurance is a pretty big hint that it’s a buyers’ market. Many drivers never stop to consider the smaller, local auto insurance providers when skipping straight to the national networks. This is unfortunate as drivers can often save quite a bit of time, money and energy.

Insurance is only available state to state, so many of the national “chains” of insurance simply refer drivers to a large state office. Many smaller branches and offices are often available, and the local insurance provider isn’t always on the radar. Local insurance branches tend to offer quality, personal service at rates than can meet or beat the national brands.

Local providers know that the size of their client base is often directly related to the rates they can provide. This means that local providers tend to run a lean business and provide as much value as possible to their clients. Local insurance providers can often offer lower rates and a variety of amenities that major branches might not offer.

Local branches tend to be run by one or two insurance agents, who will work to assist the customer in any way possible. This means a far more personal and direct service than dealing with a national brand with a 1-800 number. Local insurance agents pride themselves on low costs and understandable insurance policies. The next time you need to renew insurance, make sure to check in to your local auto insurance providers.

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Insurance Tips: Shop Around to Even the Odds.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Apr 22, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Sometimes drivers stop shopping around for an insurance policy just because they’ve found one that works, but this can cost drivers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. You shouldn’t assume a vehicle insurance policy will continue to be the best, just because it was a great value at time of purchase. Insurance companies often have rates that can vary considerably over the course of a policy. Beyond that, insurance companies are notorious for not offering new discounts or deals on rates to existing customers. Instead, these types of specials are only offered to new customers to draw them into business with the company.  Shopping around every year for the best vehicle insurance policy evens the odds that you’ll find one at the right price for you.

While an insurance company may have given you the best rate they could offer last year, they won’t automatically give you this same better rate this year. In most cases there is no way for a driver to get the bonuses and rates insurance companies offer new drivers. If you want the best value that the new yearly bonuses and plans offer, you’ll probably have to go to a new company to get them. On rare occasions, informing your existing insurance company that you are going to be cancelling the policy can make up some of the difference, as they may have incentives for you to stay on board. Normally, these incentives will still fall short of what new policy holders are offered in the initial period.

Shopping around every year for the best insurance policy can take time, but can also mean major savings. Taking the time to research, and calling around to see what all offers are on the table when it comes time to renew your vehicle insurance is a great way to save money in the long term. Don’t feel bad, or like you owe loyalty to one particular insurer. Just like you, they are looking to save the most money possible every year.

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Insurance Tips: One Policy Per Family.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Apr 15, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Bundling all of your family together into one family auto insurance policy is just good sense. Insurance companies often offer a deduction on each person the policy covers in family auto insurance, leading to significant savings over the course of a policy. Newlyweds often leave both of their vehicles on separate policies. This can be a mistake and lead to significant money loss. Parents who get a new-to-the-wheel teenager a separate policy can also expect to pay through the nose on the youngsters premiums. With multiple children driving, this can be even truer. Insurance companies are often happy to bundle more than one type of insurance together as well, for families who need multiple insurances.

Even there is money, to be saved by combining insurance policies. Some insurers offer discounts on the overall cost of the policy to married people. Almost all policies will cost less per head if all of the policy holders and vehicles are on one insurance policy. In the rush of a wedding, moving in together and beginning a new life, it can take months, or years, to combine all of the finances. In many cases, this isn’t a terribly tremendous deal, but with car insurance it typically means missing out on savings.

When the kids learn to drive, parents sometimes think the better options is getting several policies instead of one large family insurance plan. While this can protect an increase in premiums if the teenager is accident prone, overall it tends to costs hundreds or thousands of dollars more over the course of the policy. Parents with good driving records can almost always save money by adding the new drivers directly onto the new family policy. With multiple teens under one roof and in one fleet of vehicles, this adds up to even more savings.

Families who need multiple insurances will find that insurance companies are often extremely happy to work with them. Policies on all types of vehicles like boats, all terrain vehicles and motorcycles can typically be rolled into one policy or at least “bundled” for savings on each policy. For families with several vehicles, as well as families that own property, this can lead to considerable savings.

Just remember, a single family usually only needs a single insurance policy. Newlyweds are encouraged to combine policies as soon as possible for maximum savings. When it comes to teenagers, keeping all of the car insurance policies in the family is almost always the best option. Smart consumers can save extra money by bundling other insurances to their existing automotive insurance.

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Insurance Tips: More Vehicles, More Savings.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Mar 4, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

One quick way to save money with auto insurance is to make sure that if you have multiple policies, you are grouping them all through one insurance provider. In almost every circumstance, an insurance company will offer discounts if you group multiple vehicles together. This can offer enormous savings to families, businesses with automotive fleets and anyone who owns multiple vehicles or needs multiple policies. This type of bundled insurance savings is also typically available with different types of policies. Homeowners and renters can often benefit from these increased savings as well as multiple vehicle and vehicle fleet owners.

Insurance providers of all sizes can benefit by offering multiple policies to one client. Each insurance policy you pay into typically means a fair amount of profit for an insurance company, in exchange for offering you a financial safety net in case of an emergency. By offering consumers a discounted rate on individual policies. an insurance company earns the profits on each of the policies annually. Auto insurance policies for cars, boats, commercial and privately owned vehicles are all easily bundled by many insurance companies. Many renters insurance and homeowners insurance policies can be bundled as well, offering drivers another way to save.

If you have multiple vehicles in your family, or your home based small business uses multiple vehicles, bundling the policies is an enormous money saver. Even in families with just one vehicle and renters insurance, the savings can add up quickly over the course of a year. The more policies you use with one insurance carrier the more that carrier stands to profit, so it’s good business for them to offer discounts for bundling policies together. If you have multiple insurance policies with different providers, ask your preferred provider if they offer a discount for bundling services.


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Insurance Tips: New State, New Policy.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Feb 25, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Every state has a different take on auto insurance and auto insurance laws, regulations and requirements. This is true for drivers, as well as insurance providers. Some policies are viable driving through any state, in fact, most of them are. When planning a long distance trip, or work in another city, it is a good idea to check the local insurance laws and regulations. When moving to a new state, getting a new policy is inevitable, but you may have some wiggle room or even be in a better position than you were before.

Some states require residency after a certain amount of time, so even working in them temporarily can run you afoul of local insurance regulations. For example, due to transient entertainment industry labor, California expects residents for more than 10 days to declare residency. That makes anyone who wants to be completely compliant to California laws and regulations responsible for declaring themselves a resident, and acquiring a new insurance policy. Not every state is this adamant, but they can vary quite a bit. It’s a good idea to do some basic research on the local insurance requirements of any state you plan to be in for more than a few days.

When you move to a new state, you need a new insurance policy. Auto insurers are typically unable to offer insurance across state lines. This means even a national insurance network or company will require you to end a policy in one state and acquire a new one in your new state. This can be a great time to renegotiate rates, and get a better price. If you stay with an insurance provider, make sure to ask them about the possibility of a reduced rate. If you are forced to find an entirely new provider, shop around and research the local market.

When moving to a new city, or even working in one for awhile, make sure you understand all of the local insurance rules and regulations. In many cases, ignorance of the insurance requirements is not a good defense. If you do move, try to ensure you get a lower rate in your new location.

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