Auto Glass Tips: Only Use Reputable Services.

Posted by Joshua on Thursday Dec 6, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

When shopping around for auto glass repair and replacement services it is imperative to use reputable services that offer scrupulous practices and reasonable rates. There are a few simple tips to assuring you find a quality auto glass service. Always go to a service shop or call a shop affiliated mobile service. Avoid walk up offers of auto glass repair or replacement as a rule. Avoid services that can’t give a printed or online estimate up front.

The first step in finding a reputable service is to compare rates. An extremely high up front rate is a sure sign of price gouging and a shop to be avoided. Unfortunately this moves many dealerships near the top of the list. This is mostly due to the prevalence of auto glass discounters and specialty shops in the modern market.


Some drivers are confronted with a windshield washer or street style offer to replace a windshield at no cost. This is almost certainly a terrible way to consider replacing a windshield  This type of walk up is generally a scam to bill an insurance company high rates, likely raising a premium or voiding a policy altogether. Always go to a reputable auto glass repair service with at least a business license and professional surroundings or service.

Getting an estimate is essential to ensure you have found a reputable service. A auto glass estimate, or quote, should be easy to access in print online or in standard writing. The service should preform the work in a reasonable amount of time and honor the estimate, or come as close to it as possible. If a shop can’t give an estimate, it is advisable to shop elsewhere.


Using a reputable auto glass service is the surest way to get value and a quality auto glass repair or replacement. Comparing rates to ensure a shop is within industry standards is always a good idea. Never use a service off the street or an offer from someone not at or representing a licensed business. Make sure your auto glass repair shop seems professional and has the proper licenses. If you follow these tips and get an estimate up front you should have no problem with finding a reputable auto glass service.

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Auto Glass Over the Holidays.

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With the holidays in full swing, there are a few things to consider about auto glass. Accidents are more frequent over the holidays, so being prepared for an emergency is a good idea. There are some basic winter maintenance tips and tricks that help around the holidays, particularly where auto glass is concerned. Driving safely and regulating windshield temperature are important. For a unique holiday gift, consider windshield replacement or repair.

Keeping a blanket and other emergency supplies in the vehicle over the cold winter holidays is a good idea. Keeping a repair service number handy is very advisable. It is also generally a good idea to keep the number for auto glass specialists on hand in case of minor windshield damage.

Safe Driving is key to preventing windshield damage from accidents. Keep the windshield as clean and ice free as possible when driving This stabilizes the temperature of the glass as well as providing maximum visibility. If glass services have to be mobile, try and find a warm garage with an even temperature for the glass repair to take place. Glass repairs typically take an hour to set up and freezing can prevent proper repairs.

When looking for gift options around the holidays, auto glass repair and replacement make surprisingly good options. Family members will be grateful to have the problem taken care of as a gift and auto glass services can vary in price. If a driver in the family has windshield damage they have let go, a repair can make for an excellent surprise.

People don’t usually think of auto glass around the holidays, but if they did they could save themselves time and trouble. Driving safely and keeping supplies in case of any auto emergency are important to winter driving in general. Keeping the phone number for an auto glass repair service with other important service numbers can be very important in a roadside emergency. Auto glass repair and replacement services can even make an excellent and surprising holiday gift!

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How Windshield Repairs Work.

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Auto glass repair works because of the unique construction of windshields. Modern windshields are composed of two sheets of tempered glass that have been laminated together. They are held together by a rubber inner layer that helps distribute the pressure when an impact damages the exposed outer layer of the windshield.

When an impact only pierces the first layer of the glass a repair is possible. If damage penetrates through both layers the rubber inner layer of laminate rubber keeps the glass from shattering inward at the driver. There are a few methods to do an auto glass repair, but the principles are very similar in both the old and new versions of the technology.

A resin and vacuum approach is the standard way to fill minor windshield damages. Cracks, chips and other damage can be repaired using a clear resin to fill the damage to the upper layer of the windshield. The area must be thoroughly cleaned, and all debris removed. Afterwards, the resin injected directly into the damaged area. The type of resin needed can vary greatly, depending on the type of damage that needs to be repaired. Calling an expert for auto glass repairs is generally the best idea. This is especially true if the driver has doubts or confusion about the process.

Once the resin is in place, a vacuum tool is used to remove all air pockets from the resin and the windshield. This process removes visual defects and strengthens the bond to the windshield. While numerous home repair kits are available, auto glass specialists are generally recommended. Auto glass services can preform most glass repairs quickly, cheaply and permanently.


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Typical Causes of Auto Glass Damage.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 Under Auto Glass

Auto glass damage is a fact of life in pretty much all climates and driving conditions. Weather can cause auto glass damage in a number of ways. Road conditions and driving related damage can cause all manner of cracks, chips and stress fractures. Auto accidents can cause all types of damage. There are several options for auto glass repair and replacement, some of which do tend to be better than others.

Weather can lead to auto damage in a variety of ways. Hail damage is fairly common across a wide stretch of the U.S. and can cause minor or major damage. During major storms, particularly wind storms, can send debris flying that can easily crack and damage auto glass. Falling trees and other downed objects can cause major vehicle and glass damage. Driving during inclement weather can lead to increased chances of driving damage and auto accidents.

Driving damage is another fairly common form of auto glass damage. Flying rocks and gravel can occur no matter how clean a road surface appears or how light the traffic is. During high wind or storm conditions the chances of a rock or flying piece of debris are greatly increased. Stress fractures are another common form of driving damage, where standard vehicle driving stresses cause a crack to form without an impact.

Auto accidents are another major factor in auto glass damage. Minor accidents can cause stress fractures. Major accidents can twist the vehicle frame shattering the windshield. Glass to metal collisions can cause deep gouges or full holes that require a full replacement.

There are lots of repair options for all types of auto glass damage. Home repair kits are an option. For long term window maintenance, a repair professional is advised. There are numerous auto glass services that provide discounts and insurance options for damages of all types.

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Basic Variations of Auto Glass Damage.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

There are many types of damage that windshields might undergo over the life of one vehicle. Windshields are fairly resilient, and the multiple players of glass make some types of damage worse than others. Some types of auto glass damage are reparable where some require an outright glass replacement. Chips are the most common type of impact damage and the easiest to repair. Cracks can vary widely in size and shape. Some cracks can be repaired while others will require a full replacement of the damaged auto glass. Breaks, shatters and large holes are irreparable and necessitate a full auto glass replacement.

The smallest chips are light gouges or abrasions into the first layer of glass. While not terribly damaging or distracting, chips that obscure the road or stand to grow into larger cracks should be repaired quickly. While some chips may not technically require repair but repair is advisable as a variety of conditions can lead to chips spreading into cracks.

Cracks make up the bulk of windshield damage. Cracks can occur because of natural window stress or impact damage. Small cracks that are only an inch or two in length can typically be repaired with a filler compound. Stress cracks can be filled but will typically return with time. Larger cracks, multiple connected cracks in a star, web or bullseye pattern, or cracks that penetrate both layers of the windshield are typically also irreparable and require a full auto glass replacement.

Full shatters, deep gouges that punch through to the driver, holes and other major damage should be replaced immediately. This type of damage can present both real danger and significant distraction. Glass chips and debris, as well as airflow from major holes, pose a very real distraction and risk. If possible a mobile glass repair service is probably the best option for this type of major damage. A mobile service will keep the driver off the road while certified glass technicians perform replacement work on site.

Modern windshields are fairly resilient, and minor damage might seem easy to ignore. Small chips are easily repairable and if left unattended can lead to cracks. Cracks vary in size, depth and shape and may be reparable. Larger cracks, as well as deep gouges and holes, will require a full glass replacement. If one is available, a mobile repair service is a great alternative to driving with major auto glass damage.

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Saving Money On Auto Glass Replacement.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Nov 6, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Uncategorized

There are a few easy ways to save money on auto glass replacement and repair. Looking for insurance specials and low rates negotiated by insurance companies is a very viable option. Drivers with an auto glass discounter within range can get the best rates possible on auto glass purchase and repair work. Mobile auto glass services can save drivers a few dollars as well both in terms of gas and travel. Mobile glass repair services can save customers valuable time.

Getting the most from auto insurance is an easy way to save on auto glass repair and replacement. A no deductible insurance policy can pay for itself in areas where hail and other weather incidents are common. Insurers can also usually direct drivers to a networked auto glass shop with a negotiated rate. This type of preferred shop and negotiated rate can offer drivers significant savings.

Finding the right price on auto replacement glass is always important. Repair shops that offer a posted discount on windshield repair are increasingly more common. Discounts of up to 60% on standard windshield replacement are fairly common. Finding a reputable discounter with quality service is one of the best ways to save.

Mobile auto glass repair can save customers time and money. In rural areas where the nearest shop is a considerable drive this is particularly true. A mobile glass service brings the repair or replacement glass to the driver and installs it on the spot. This saves on gas, and if the service range is wide enough can save the driver money over a closer but more expensive shop.

Insurance policies and negotiated rates can offer significant savings at a preferred shop. Getting a low cost on the glass itself from a reputable auto glass discounter is a surefire way to get big savings. Mobile auto glass can save on travel costs and offer savings over what a closer shop might offer drivers. Using these simple tips should help drivers save a few dollars in an auto glass repair situation.


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Insurance Tips: Understanding Negotiated Rates.

Posted by Joshua on Wednesday Oct 31, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

Just about every driver knows the basics of automotive insurance. Customers pay into a pool in case of a specific event such as an automobile accident or weather disaster. When that condition is met, the insurance pool pays the customer a variable amount to have the damage fixed and mitigated. Insurance companies offer several other services, in addition to simply pooling money, to help mitigate an emergency or disaster. Insurance companies are also in the business of saving money for themselves as well as their customers. A major source of savings on behalf of both the driver and the insurer is a negotiated rate with a repair service.

A negotiated rate is a discount offered to customers of an insurance company. The insurance company typically negotiates for these rates with companies who can still benefit for repeat business at a significant discount to standard rates. Negotiated rates as common across many areas of insurance. Both medical and automotive insurance companies typically have a negotiated rate on services that a customer may never realize they get as part of an insurance plan.

The negotiated rate will vary depending on the insurance company and the service that have entered into negotiations. For many services, it can be dramatically less than the standard rate offered to the public. This can mean savings even if a driver doesn’t use the insurance and risk an increased deductible. When major damage occurs the insurance company can usually suggest a service they have a negotiated rate with to ensure savings across the board.

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Auto Glass Solutions: Looking Beyond the Dealership.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 30, 2012 Under Auto Glass

Many drivers, particularly those in rural areas, continue to return to the dealership for all automotive services. Dealerships are usually stocked with the appropriate parts and a staff that will know the vehicle, but there are several problems with using them. This is especially true for specialty services like auto glass. Cost effectiveness is almost always the top of the list when pricing out the difference between dealerships and other auto repair options. Dealerships tend to offer far fewer options than a specialty service provider can. Speed of service can be another problem. This is particularly true of rural dealerships that large have a back log of vehicles that need maintenance. Auto Glass, for example, is a service that a wary driver can usually find cheaper, faster and with more options at a specialty shop than at a dealership.

Dealerships often have no choice but to charge a full mark up on every service and every installed vehicle component. Running a full service repair shop isn’t cheap in terms of labor or equipment. Those costs are in addition to dealership fees, yearly dues and other costs. This is common across a wide range of industries, but particularly so in the world of automotive service. A high mark up on specialty items, like auto glass, allows the business to flourish all year. This isn’t necessarily unethical or immoral but there are certainly better values available to a wary consumer.

In order to maximize efficiency, dealerships tend to try and stock the recommended part for all vehicles the dealership services regularly. This can be highly beneficial when a specialty part or unique assembly breaks or wears out. It also means the variety of options a customer has is severely limited compared to a specialty shop.  Dealerships stock one windshield for example, where an auto glass specialist might carry as many as a dozen different types of viable windshields on a wide range of price points.

Another place where the dealership might not offer the most effective option is in terms of speed. Oftentimes dealerships have an extensive back log of appointments and vehicles that need a variety of services. Dealership shops tend to offer a full range of services for maintenance and repair. This can mean that drivers have an extensive wait time for what should be an easy repair. In auto glass repair cases, a specialist is typically available at the shop or for mobile glass repair or replacement. Most glass repairs take an hour or two. Going to a specialist can save drivers quite a bit of time compared to going to a dealership.

Ultimately the best answer for an auto glass problem is an auto glass specialist. Specialists will stock multiple options at a variety of prices. They can typically perform glass work faster and much cheaper than a dealership. Auto glass repair shops operate at a lower overhead than full service shops and  are typically able to offer discounts that full service shops could not afford.


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Saving money on automotive bills is a basically a hobby for some drivers. Finding the lowest cost replacement parts, the lowest cost shops, the most freebies and best service has become increasingly popular during the economic downturn and the auto glass market has responded. That means, effectively, that there is no reason for a driver to pay full markup for windshield repair. Dealerships and auto repair shops tend to mark up incidentals like luxury electronics and windshield components purely because they can. Looking for an effective auto glass discount shop is a much better option for a wide range of drivers.

Dealership services are notorious for mark ups on parts, labor, service fees and anything else they can charge. While the stereotype of a crooked dealership isn’t as true as it once was dealerships do tend to charge a premium because drivers expect specialty service. With auto glass there is simply no need to pay that mark up as the parent company is almost never going to be the glass manufacturer.

Automotive repair and maintenance shops that focus on diagnosis and repair of engine assembly, electrical and other mechanical systems often up charge for glass as well. This type of shop must operate on a budget of percentages and profit on each type of repair it makes. This can lead to heavy mark up on auto glass.

Finding a discount auto glass specialist is always the better option. Auto glass wholesalers can offer very low prices. Drivers can avoid paying too much by finding a local auto glass discounter.

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Mobile Auto Glass vs. Auto Glass Repair Centers.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 Under Auto Glass, Mobile Glass Repair

Windshields and windows suffer a wide array of damage. The nature of auto glass, specifically, makes this damage act in different ways than may drivers not in the know would ever consider. Windshield glass is typically reinforced and coated with a lamination like layer or other surfacing agent. This prevents the glass from immediately shattering into the drivers cockpit, a luxury older model cars don’t always have. This surfacing also tends to hold glass in place even with deep cracks, pits and abrasions that would lead to normal glass shattering. While the glass is suspended it is in need of attention or it stands to worse when exposed to elemental stresses like temperature, wind pressure or even heavy rain. Normally drivers are faced with calling a mobile glass repair center or heading into a brick and mortar glass repair shop.  Both have benefits that a driver may find outweighs the other and the cons are minimal when going to an auto glass specialist for auto glass work.

Emergency auto glass repairs usually call for a mobile specialist.  This is particularly true in cases where the driver does not feel safe driving due to the severity of the damage. Major spiderweb cracking, holes through the windshield and visible fallen glass dust or shards mean the vehicle should not be driven. If the damage is simply to the windshield the driver normally will not need to be towed and can simply can a mobile auto glass repair specialist to replace the windshield.

Lesser damage can typically be taken to the auto glass shop at the drivers leisure. As a matter of course  drivers should not wait very long to have even small window glass damage addressed. Minor auto glass damage can spread if left untreated and cost the driver far more than a stop at an auto glass repair shop. Chips scratches and small cracks can all be filled relatively cheaply and allow a low cost alternative to full windshield or window replacement.


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