Auto Glass Tip: Salvaged Auto Glass is a Risky Business.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday May 28, 2013 Under Auto Glass

Salvaged auto glass may seem like a good idea when a driver is dealing with an unexpected auto glass related cost. Unfortunately, glass pulled from wrecks, junkyards and other retired vehicles often comes with far more hidden and unexpected costs than expected. Windshields can be repaired multiple times with little to no evidence left behind, so a driver can never really know what to expect when they buy a used windshield. We suggest drivers call an auto glass expert with a low rate for installation and see how the price stacks up to the hidden costs associated with salvaged auto glass.

Auto glass takes a fair amount of abuse over the life of a vehicle. Minor damage to windshields can often be filled fairly easily and leaves very little perceptible traces on a windshield. Almost any auto glass expert will attest that installing a windshield that has suffered extensive stresses is a bad idea. A windshield with of a lifetime of driving stresses or even recent stresses and repairs, is far more likely to break and require another replacement.

Windshields can be filled multiple times, but an auto glass repair specialist will usually tell a driver when it’s time to replace a windshield. When a driver buys a used windshield or pulls one from a junkyard, they really have no idea what they are getting. Even drivers who know to look for the faint traces of the clear resin filler used to repair windshields can have a hard time spotting small repairs.

Auto glass specialists are available to give drivers deep discounts on a windshield replacements. A driver who shops around can almost always find an extremely competitive rate from a local auto glass specialist. A driver may save a few bucks in the short term with a used windshield, instead of a 50% discount windshield. Unfortunately, that same driver will usually lose quite a bit of money in the long term on more used auto glass.

Buying salvaged auto glass is a risky business that drivers should probably avoid whenever possible. Auto glass stresses and damages compound to shorten the lifespan of a windshield. Used windshields and salvaged auto glass usually will not show these stresses, and can often break during or shortly after the initial installation. If a driver has a local auto glass specialist, it shouldn’t be hard to get a competitive rate on a replacement windshield that makes it worth it to get the new auto glass.

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