Auto Glass Tip: Only Use Nonabrasive Cleaners for Auto Glass.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 Under Auto Glass

We always advise drivers to be careful when they go to wash their vehicles. It’s all too common for a driver to damage the aesthetically pleasing portions of a vehicle when trying to clean away day to day dirt and debris. Vehicles of all types represent a source of pride for owners. Big rigs, cars, trucks, vans, jeeps and even recreational vehicles like RV’s, ATV’s and boats are regularly cleaned, buffed and polished by owners, especially in the summer months. Drivers should be careful, however, to avoid doing damage to the vehicle when washing it. This can be particularly true of auto glass. Auto glass is typically stronger than a standard glass, but abrasive cleaners can still do a fair share of damage.

When choosing a soap or cleaner, drivers should be careful to ensure that it won’t damage the surfaces they intend to clean, or strip color from the auto body itself. Non-abrasive cleaners are almost always the best choice for vehicles and the are plenty of non-abrasive cleaners for all types of vehicles. Oil and soap based cleaners that lack grit, grains or other granular particles are highly suggested.

When it comes to choosing the cleaning cloths, a few moments of consideration can be a great idea. Many modern cleaning sponges, rags and towels have stiff fibers that can damage the paint or scratch auto glass. Opt for a soft microfiber cloth or other extremely soft fabrics to wash vehicle and auto glass. Using this kind of cloth is always a good option Soft chamois towels, microfiber towels and other extremely soft and absorbent towels can be used to dry the vehicle. Additional coats of wax can provide an extra buffer for the body, but should not be used on the glass itself.

Drivers go out of their way to make their cars look good. Even so, the should make sure they aren’t damaging them in the process. Abrasive cleaners and abrasive cleaning cloths or sponges can scratch auto glass and auto body panels. Be careful to clean delicately using only soft oil and soap based cleaners appropriate to the vehicle itself. Just remember, only use nonabrasive cleaners on your auto glass. Following this simple tip can extend the length of auto glass for years while keeping the car looking beautiful and clean.

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