Where Auto Glass Now Can Help You.

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Auto Glass Now is available in several locations around the U.S. to help drivers with all manner of auto glass repair, mobile glass repair and other auto glass related services. We have four locations around the country and pride ourselves on offering drivers exceptional service and exceptional auto glass value. Drivers can reach us at 1-800-388-0104 to schedule an appointment for any of our auto glass specialty locations. Each of the Auto Glass Now specialty shops can offer mobile auto glass repair or auto glass repair and replacement in their own shop.

Our Denver, CO area shop provides outstanding service to Denver and the surrounding areas. Drivers in Denver, Boulder, Aurora and Littleton rely on the Denver store for professional and commercial auto glass needs. With the winter weather around Denver being some of the worst in the country, this shop is absolutely full of talented auto glass technicians.

The Colorado Springs location specializes in a variety of auto glass repair, windshield replacement and windshield motor services and has offered thousands of man hours to local drivers. Auto Glass Now has one of the best auto glass services to the Colorado Springs community and is always available to help drivers with auto glass needs.

The Tucker, GA location offers services to a wide range of Georgia cities. The Auto Glass Now family in Georgia offers service in Tucker, Marietta, Roswell and Sandy Springs. The Auto Glass Now staff in Tucker is widely known for accurate, honest quotes before performing auto glass services.

Finally, the Bridgeton location for Auto Glass Now is a staple for Missouri drivers. Conveniently located of the I-70 near the Missouri River, this Auto Glass Now location offers friendly service and professional results. The regional manager regularly receives praise from travelers as well as Bridgeton drivers.

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Insurance Tips:New Technology Can Mean New Discounts.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 10, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

When new technology becomes available to insurance companies, they often want to test it quickly. Keeping appraised of the newest options insurance companies are offing is a great way to earn a discount or save a few bucks on auto insurance. This is a simple insurance tip that many drivers overlook, simply because it isn’t always the obvious thing to do. Even if you don’t change your policy regularly, it can still pay off to keep up on the latest options and programs your insurance company offers. Sometimes simply opting in to the right program can start saving drivers money immediately.

Without naming names, a major insurance firm recently unveiled a new device to monitor driving. In the initial testing periods of this device, the insurance company in question offered drivers a healthy discount if their driving data fell within certain parameters. These records included driving speeds, breaking speeds, acceleration and even more detailed driving observations, all from a simple easy to install device that could plug into any vehicle.

The device in question is just one example of how drivers can save for opting into a test program. Drivers found themselves saving a bundle if they could stay within the carefully defined parameters of the insurance companies device. The device also offered the drivers the records at no cost, and did not increase premiums. This device trial is exactly the type of thing we’re talking about with this insurance tip. Check in with your insurer to see if they have any test programs available.

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