Insurance Tip: Habits Can Count.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Jun 28, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Another of our insurance tips is a bit funny to explain. It’s not uncommon for a driver to have an insurance policy that they don’t understand entirely. For many drivers, this can be especially true when it comes to how an insurance company determines the final rate that a customer pays. This is becoming more and more apparent as insurance is offering real time monitoring and other options to lower rates with good driving. It’s not quite as obvious with factors like driver habits. Nearly every policy holder fills out an initial questionnaire, including several questions regarding personal habits.

There aren’t many habits an insurance company can weigh in on, but ones that stand to cause a problem for the driver almost always fit. Cigarette smoking is an excellent example of this kind of habit. Modern auto insurance companies nearly always ask if the driver is a smoker. A smoking habit can drastically increase driver liability. This can in turn raise the overall insurance rates that a driver pays in the long term.

While it may seem unfair to penalize smokers while driving, there are a few reasons it’s typically done. Smoking is a distraction before, during and after the actual smoking process. Drivers who are anxious due to a lack of nicotine are edge, and lighting or smoking a cigarette can be a major distraction. Smoking can also lead to tar build up on the windshield, which can lower driver viability. Smoking is only one such example, but it is one that is increasingly more common on the initial policy purchase.

As with all our insurance tips, we suggest you give this one a try. When you’re considering a new insurance policy, it may be time to consider changing some old habits. Insurance companies may offer surprisingly lower rates if a driver can give up smoking or other distracting habits. This is just one more trick a driver can use to save money on an insurance policy.

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Why We Hate Auto Glass Services That Overcharge.

Posted by Joshua on Friday Jun 28, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Auto Glass Repair

At Auto Glass Now we know hate is an awfully strong word. The thing is we really do feel it’s the appropriate one for businesses that overcharge for auto glass repair and replacement services. We feel this strongly because, frankly, overcharging for auto glass repair and windshield replacement gives everyone a bad impression of the industry.

Auto glass is relatively cheap when purchased in bulk and an auto glass specialist can perform the repairs for a reasonable rate. When other businesses overcharge, they make drivers dread auto glass damage. We want out customers to look forward to our low rates and excellent service.

Auto glass is expensive when bought in wholesale. Purchasing auto glass to keep on hand for repairs seems obvious. Many auto repair shops don’t have the space or ability to stock glass in wholesale. This can lead to enormous price increases between the wholesale price and what the customer pays. When coupled with ordering delays, it can make the glass repair experience downright offensive to many drivers.

Auto glass is almost always priced with a high mark up when coming from anywhere but an auto glass specialist. Multifaceted repair services can afford to charge a premium because they tend to have regular customers. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to provide across the board auto repair service, we have a big problem when the auto glass is marked up so high as to appear prohibitive.

We hate it when the auto repair industry makes auto glass repairs seem prohibitive or problematic. Auto glass repairs should be done quickly, effectively and cheaply. That’s why we offer the lowest rates possible in every single one of our locations. Auto glass now is proud to offer fair rates, excellent service and great values at all four of our locations.

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In a country full of rapidly expanding businesses, our unique auto glass service stands out for some very simple reasons. While we have a few shops around the country, we are far from a sprawling corporation. Each of our four locations hires from within its own community and keeps ties with the local community and the drivers that make those communities work. We’re proud to offer our regular deep discounts to each of our communities as well as individual offers, specials and coupons. Even though we only have a few specialist offices, we want each of our auto glass repair jobs to leave lasting good will in our communities.

With four auto glass repair and replacement services in the U.S. we’re pretty far from the big guys, even in the auto glass industry. This means we work extra hard for every one of our customers. Our mobile specialists in Colorado travel far and wide to make sure that weather related glass repairs don’t slow drivers down. Our Georgia location offers quality services at low prices and has an exceptional range of mobile repair options. Our people in Bridgeton know that Missouri offers it’s own unique weather related challenges to auto glass, and are ready to travel great distances to help.

We do have a few offices around the country, but that’s largely so we can buy glass in bulk to provide our communities the best rates possible. Combining these outstanding discount rates on auto glass, with quality local employees who care about the drivers they serve, is the hallmark of our business. We honestly want to make sure the fine people of Colorado, Georgia, and Missouri can get where they need to go. Because we are people from Colorado Springs, Denver, Tucker and Bridgeton. When you have an auto glass emergency, give us a call. We’ll gladly give you the lowest rate possible on a windshield repair or replacement.

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Insurance Tips: Get to Know Your Agent.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 24, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

Becoming friendly with your insurance companies’ employees isn’t one of the insurance tips people expect to hear. Drivers often think of insurance companies and nameless and faceless entities. In many cases, drivers can even feel they have a bit of an adversarial relationship with their insurance company. Drivers pay monthly into an insurance policy, and every driver has heard the horror stories of insurance companies refusing payment out of hand.

One insurance tip we can give drivers is not to listen to all of the negative press concerning an insurance company. In fact, drivers who get to know their insurance agent and insurance adjuster typically say that they are the ones who make the recovery bearable after an accident. A friendly insurance agent and insurance adjuster can act as an advocate inside an insurance agency. Working to get you a payment after an accident, as well as to get you the lowest rates and newest offers. More importantly, a motivated insurance company can do a world of good and when dealing with the competition after an accident.

An insurance agent, particularly one from a smaller provider, can be a real help to drivers looking to buy, expand or update a policy. A concerned insurance agent can usually find several discounts, special offers and bonuses to add to the value of a new policy. This can be extremely valuable when it comes time to renew a policy as typically drivers do not receive new offers or options without inquiring.

A friendly insurance adjuster can do a world of good for a driver in a contested accident. A friendly insurance adjuster cannot do anything unethical in the process of providing aid. That said, they do tend to know the best ways to save their own company money. This means that they can work with drivers and offer coaching, advice and aid after an accident. Staying friendly with your insurance agent and adjuster is one of the best insurance tips we can offer.

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Summer is officially in full effect. As we’ve discussed before, the summer months tend to mean more auto glass damage across the board for drivers. Summer also means that summer storms are usually sitting on the horizon. Recent years have had a major increase in freak storms and severe weather that runs well into the summer months. Heavy storms can cause minor auto glass damage to turn into major auto glass damage. Even if a driver isn’t actively driving in a storm, hail, flying debris and intense winds can cause chips and scratches to turn into cracks and shatters.

Storm weather puts a severe strain on the auto glass of any vehicle. Intense barometric and wind related pressures buffet the glass, pushing it in every direction. The natural curvature of the glass provides some aerodynamic relief, but it can also be the cause of enormous stresses. When a windshield already has cracks, chips or damage these increased pressures can cause existing damage to deteriorate rapidly.

In storm seasons, we reccomend drivers ensure that their auto glass is in proper working order before they are faced with a weather emergency. While on the road in a storm situation drivers are at much greater risk that an impact will shatter an already damaged windshield. Simple auto glass repairs or auto windshield replacements can save drivers from all manner of storm related dangers.

Drivers should have auto glass issues taken care of as soon as possible in pretty much any situation. During storm season, they really need to have glass issues taken care of quickly. We’re on call all summer to help drivers with auto glass repair before storms make it worse than it has to be.


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Drivers always find a reason to push themselves into inclement weather unnecessarily. This is often a mistake and can lead to several problems arising in the vehicle itself as well as the insurance policy. Driving in stormy weather presents several distinct dangers to the driver, the vehicle and the insurance policy. If there is any way a driver can avoid driving through inclement weather like snowstorms, ice storms or heavy rain, they should absolutely avoid doing so.

Wet, icy and slick road conditions present a very real danger to drivers. Heavy weather can obscure visibility and keep drivers from noticing roadside objects or debris. Cars can slip on ice and snow and face several dangers. Careening into roadside objects, other vehicles and simply running off the road are all commonplace in major storms.

Storms also tend to mean heavy wind and extensive debris in the air. This can lead to both driving hazards and significant damage to the exterior of a vehicle. Hail, flying rocks and other particles that pick up during a windstorm can abrade vehicles exterior or damage the auto glass. Extreme winds, like those in major windstorms and tornadoes, can outright shatter auto glass.

All of this storm related damage almost always negatively affects an insurance companies view of a driver’s record. Drivers can end up paying higher premiums and getting less value from an insurance policy due to storm related damage. We know emergencies happen, but if you can help it, avoid driving through storms whenever possible.

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Insurance Tips: Cash That Check!

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

When an insurance company sends a payment check after an accident, weather disaster or any other event that causes damage to a vehicle it is always a good idea use the initial payment. More or less every insurance agent in the employ of a driver will tell them you the same thing. Even if the amount is lower than expected, or the amount seems to be incorrect or lower than a driver expects, depositing the initial check or using it for repairs is always a good idea. Insurance companies can be notoriously fickle when it comes to issuing a payment check and drivers are advised to cash the initial check before the other driver’s insurance company can change the terms, or even worse, cancel the check entirely.

While it may seem imprudent to accept the initial check by depositing it, many drivers will find out the hard way that a second payment may never arrive. If an opposing insurance company disputes some or all of the payment, drivers may be locked into waiting for months or years before they receive the whole or expected amount on an insurance claim. Fender benders, parking lot scrapes, casual auto glass damage are all often disputed by insurance companies. Nearly any accident that has a “no fault” outcome or lacks a police decision stands a good chance of being disputed, but a portion of a payment will often be sent out immediately.

Insurance agents across the country will tell drivers the same thing, especially in a situation where a claim is disputed or no fault can be determined. When an insurance company sends an initial payment, drivers are almost always encouraged to take the payment and use it for repairs or auto glass replacement or other installations. If the damage is auto glass specific, sometimes the insurance company will simply settle for a negotiated payment, leaving a driver free and clear as far as a deductible or other payment.

No one thinks that insurance companies are actively out to cheat customers. The fact is policies and insurance related disputes can take a significant amount of time and be fairly distressing to drivers who haven’t dealt with it before. When insurance adjusters determine an initial sum, it can be difficult to change that estimate. Most insurance agents on the side of a driver will always tell them to cash the check the other drivers’ insurance has tendered.

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Auto Glass Tip: Only Use Nonabrasive Cleaners for Auto Glass.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday Jun 11, 2013 Under Auto Glass

We always advise drivers to be careful when they go to wash their vehicles. It’s all too common for a driver to damage the aesthetically pleasing portions of a vehicle when trying to clean away day to day dirt and debris. Vehicles of all types represent a source of pride for owners. Big rigs, cars, trucks, vans, jeeps and even recreational vehicles like RV’s, ATV’s and boats are regularly cleaned, buffed and polished by owners, especially in the summer months. Drivers should be careful, however, to avoid doing damage to the vehicle when washing it. This can be particularly true of auto glass. Auto glass is typically stronger than a standard glass, but abrasive cleaners can still do a fair share of damage.

When choosing a soap or cleaner, drivers should be careful to ensure that it won’t damage the surfaces they intend to clean, or strip color from the auto body itself. Non-abrasive cleaners are almost always the best choice for vehicles and the are plenty of non-abrasive cleaners for all types of vehicles. Oil and soap based cleaners that lack grit, grains or other granular particles are highly suggested.

When it comes to choosing the cleaning cloths, a few moments of consideration can be a great idea. Many modern cleaning sponges, rags and towels have stiff fibers that can damage the paint or scratch auto glass. Opt for a soft microfiber cloth or other extremely soft fabrics to wash vehicle and auto glass. Using this kind of cloth is always a good option Soft chamois towels, microfiber towels and other extremely soft and absorbent towels can be used to dry the vehicle. Additional coats of wax can provide an extra buffer for the body, but should not be used on the glass itself.

Drivers go out of their way to make their cars look good. Even so, the should make sure they aren’t damaging them in the process. Abrasive cleaners and abrasive cleaning cloths or sponges can scratch auto glass and auto body panels. Be careful to clean delicately using only soft oil and soap based cleaners appropriate to the vehicle itself. Just remember, only use nonabrasive cleaners on your auto glass. Following this simple tip can extend the length of auto glass for years while keeping the car looking beautiful and clean.

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Why We Care About Auto Glass.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 10, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Now is dedicated to providing fast, professional, quality auto glass repair and windshield replacement options to drivers i n all of our service areas. We care about auto glass and auto glass safety and legitimately want the best for drivers on our nations highways and byways. For many of our competitors, it seems like auto glass is a casual moneymaker or an add on to a larger auto body or auto mechanics’ service. For us, auto glass is a passion. Ultimately, we think that auto glass is the first barrier between a driver and the outside world and that barrier is pretty darn important.

At Auto Glass Now we provide a range of auto glass repair and replacement options, as well as a huge range of services that surround auto glass. Mirrors, wipers and window motors are all par for the course for our professional auto glass technicians. From our service technicians to our office staff, we want a piece of quality, affordable auto glass separating you from the elements out there on the road.

We think that auto glass services should be professional, affordable and most importantly accessible to drivers. That’s why we love providing mobile auto glass repair help to drivers in all of our service areas. We know roadside auto glass repair and replacement can make a day dramatically easier for a driver, especially when you compare it to finding a tow and hitting the local garage.

We care about auto glass because it’s important. That’s why we offer drivers quality auto glass repair and replacement options at affordable discount rates. When need auto glass repairs and want a company that really cares, you need Auto Glass Now.

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Insurance Tip: Policy Lapses Usually Mean Higher Rates.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Jun 10, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

One insurance tip that most drivers follow without realizing is working to avoid a policy lapses on their insurance policies. When a driver lets insurance lapse, it almost always means that a rate increase will be coming in the future. This is often extremely frustrating to new, seasonal and interim drivers who may not need an insurance policy year round. A little careful math can sometimes help drivers avoid extra costs by stretching a policy, even an unnecessary one, year round.

Because every state in the U.S. requires some type of coverage in order to drive legally, insurance companies know that the product they offer is pretty much mandatory. They use the increase in rates due to policy lapses as a way to remind drivers that they are required to have insurance on an operable vehicle.

When drivers who plan on being off the road for a long period first hear that they will end up paying more for insurance after a break, it tends to be upsetting news. Luckily, a canny driver can make the most of the insurance market in order to recoup these costs in the off months. It only takes a little work, and some value shopping to find a policy that stays cheap year round.

Insurance policies tend to come in yearly or annual packages. A driver pays a total amount for the term of the policy either up front or on a regular billing cycle. A driver who only opts into minimal coverage can often save over the course of the year, rather than paying a premium due to a policy lapse. There are plenty of insurance alternatives available that offer drivers low cost basic insurance.

Auto Glass Now encourages drivers to stay covered year round, even if only for the bare minimum. Drivers can usually find a basic liability policy for cheaper yearly than a lapsed policy will cost to renew. This way, you are covered financially and insured, all year round.

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