Auto Glass Tip: Salvaged Auto Glass is a Risky Business.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday May 28, 2013 Under Auto Glass

Salvaged auto glass may seem like a good idea when a driver is dealing with an unexpected auto glass related cost. Unfortunately, glass pulled from wrecks, junkyards and other retired vehicles often comes with far more hidden and unexpected costs than expected. Windshields can be repaired multiple times with little to no evidence left behind, so a driver can never really know what to expect when they buy a used windshield. We suggest drivers call an auto glass expert with a low rate for installation and see how the price stacks up to the hidden costs associated with salvaged auto glass.

Auto glass takes a fair amount of abuse over the life of a vehicle. Minor damage to windshields can often be filled fairly easily and leaves very little perceptible traces on a windshield. Almost any auto glass expert will attest that installing a windshield that has suffered extensive stresses is a bad idea. A windshield with of a lifetime of driving stresses or even recent stresses and repairs, is far more likely to break and require another replacement.

Windshields can be filled multiple times, but an auto glass repair specialist will usually tell a driver when it’s time to replace a windshield. When a driver buys a used windshield or pulls one from a junkyard, they really have no idea what they are getting. Even drivers who know to look for the faint traces of the clear resin filler used to repair windshields can have a hard time spotting small repairs.

Auto glass specialists are available to give drivers deep discounts on a windshield replacements. A driver who shops around can almost always find an extremely competitive rate from a local auto glass specialist. A driver may save a few bucks in the short term with a used windshield, instead of a 50% discount windshield. Unfortunately, that same driver will usually lose quite a bit of money in the long term on more used auto glass.

Buying salvaged auto glass is a risky business that drivers should probably avoid whenever possible. Auto glass stresses and damages compound to shorten the lifespan of a windshield. Used windshields and salvaged auto glass usually will not show these stresses, and can often break during or shortly after the initial installation. If a driver has a local auto glass specialist, it shouldn’t be hard to get a competitive rate on a replacement windshield that makes it worth it to get the new auto glass.

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Insurance Tips: Read Your Policy Carefully.

Posted by Joshua on Tuesday May 28, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

This may seem like a no-brainer to experienced drivers, but sometimes even the obvious insurance tips are worth repeating. When a driver first gets an auto insurance policy, they should take the time to go through the paper copy of the policy carefully. This is to ensure that everything they expect is covered in the document. Insurance policies are often long and complex documents and can quite a while to read. It is almost always in the best interest of the policy holder to take this time and familiarize themselves with exactly what they are entitled to in terms of insurance protections. This can save drivers confusion, time, money and significant stress in the case of a mix up.

The insurance companies get quite a bit of bad press regarding denied claims, and there’s no denying they bring it themselves sometimes. Other times, however, a little due diligence on the part of the driver is worth the effort up front. Drivers should make sure they completely understand what a policy means before they have to draw on the insurance coverage for a payment. Taking the extensive and particular legal wording of an insurance policy for granted is where things can start going wrong for a driver.

Sometimes mix ups happen, and a driver isn’t clear about what the policy they really want needs to include. Sometimes there is a legitimate mix up with the insurance agent and the policy a driver thought they were signing up for is shuffled to another policy due to a computer error or other internal confusion at the insurance agency. A driver who reads the policy in full and looks for the terms they need in specific can ensure this type of mix up is fixed quickly and efficiently.

A good example of this type of confusion is in the type of policy itself. Automotive insurance can cover the vehicle and the driver and may be needed to do either in the case of weather related damage. Full coverage generally covers theft and vandalism, but a company may require a separate theft policy or waiver. This can be true when major weather strikes. Auto glass is often damaged in storms, floods and all manner of inclement weather. A driver who wants their auto glass to be insurance covered in the case of bad weather needs to look for coverage in each specific weather instance.

Drivers who take the time to read and makes sure they understand the paper policy they receive are always going to be the most well informed about what their insurance will and will not provide. It is always better when a driver can confirm that they have bought the right policy and that all of their needs are covered. Taking the time to confirm in detail that a policy covers individual circumstances like theft, vandalism and varying types of weather that commonly damages auto glass is a great way to ensure you will receive the benefits you have been paying for when the nasty weather strikes.

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It’s pretty common for drivers to pack a small emergency kit in case of emergencies. Most cars come equipped with basic emergency tools, like a jack and spare tire. Regular drivers often pack at least a pair of jumper cables and a few other odds and ends in the case of vehicle emergencies, but they rarely pack the number of a mobile glass repair specialist. All of these are sensible answers to relatively small problems. Unlike most minor damage, minor auto glass damage can keep a vehicle off the road. Drivers should keep the number for an auto glass repair service somewhere in the vehicle, just in case an auto glass emergency arises.

A quality glass repair specialist can usually take care of any auto glass repair or replacement work that a driver may need. More importantly, most auto glass specialists perform mobile auto glass repair and replacement services on the roadside or almost any location. Drivers, especially drivers who spend significant time on major highways, are advised to keep appraised of the best local auto glass specialists and keep a number handy in case of emergencies. Roadside windshield damage is particularly frustrating because the vehicle runs. Even thought the vehicle runs, windshield damage can obstruct vision or allow distracting outside elements into the passenger compartment of the car. Getting windshield damage taken care of quickly and easily is the ideal solution for most drivers.

The best way to make sure mobile glass repair is available is to keep the number for an auto glass repair specialist in their vehicle. Luckily, it’s both easy to find these numbers, and there are several simple options to keep them handy. Smartphones can give drivers the information on the road, saving on writing an actual list of numbers. For drivers headed through areas without reception, finding an auto glass repair specialist online is fairly easy. Drivers who want to stay prepared for every situation should make sure to keep the local auto glass specialists number on hand one way or another.

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This is a simple insurance tip that any driver can use to make a difficult situation bearable. When a driver is in an auto accident, calling their insurer quickly can provide a ton of benefits. Naturally, drivers will want to make sure everyone is safe in the wake of an accident, and call any relevant emergency services or authorities. After this is done, a call to their insurance company can save them money and sometimes offer them a couple of extra benefits to help ease the situation.

Many modern insurance companies can send a representative out immediately after an accident. This can help to establish fault in the case of a scrape. This can be very helpful in parking lot scrapes where no legal authorities are available to answer a dispute. In major cities, an insurance agents are readily available from most major insurance providers. Major insurance companies often provide extras. This includes accident pickups and rental car drop offs.

Naturally, drivers want to make sure everyone is fine after an automotive accident. Many drivers never consider calling their insurance companies, who can offer them valuable services and advice after an accident. A driver’s insurance company can do more than just cover the accident. If they offer additional services, an insurance company can often bring them to bear on site at an accident. Calling an insurance company from the site of an accident is a basic insurance tips. Accident appraisals, towing, roadside assistance and rental car drop offs on site are all fairly routine insurance company provided services.

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Five Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage.

Posted by Joshua on Friday May 24, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Auto Glass Repair

Auto glass damage comes in all shapes and sizes and can be caused by a huge range of factors. We’ve taken some time to compose a list of the primary reasons drivers come to us with auto glass damage. This is by no means a complete list of how auto glass damage is caused, but it can help drivers when they are considering how to save on auto glass repair bills.

5. Vandalism and mayhem.

Sometimes there isn’t much a driver can do to avoid the glass damage. Vandals and children sometimes can’t help themselves when it comes to an unprotected car. Windows are sometimes keyed and cracked in sitting vehicles. Even worse than minor vandalism, windows are often shattered completely in a vehicle breaking in situation.

4. Distraction based accidents

This type of accident is far more common than you may think. Drivers accidentally damage their own glass when they aren’t paying attention. This can be as simple as a ring scraping on a windshield or as damaging as accidentally throwing something throw glass. More than a few drivers have backed into low hanging tree branches or awnings on their own homes because they are talking to passengers while doing a routine backwards exit from a driveway.

3. Roadside Debris

Roadside debris brings in more than a few of our customers. Drivers never know hen something is going to pop up from the road. Many vehicles drop large debris on the roadside with the drivers unaware or unconcerned. Rocks, gravel and all manner of debris can be shot into auto glass by nearby tires. It is fairly common that the auto damage caused by roadside debris is sudden and completely unexpected.

2. Vehicular Accidents

It’s probably not a big surprise that vehicle on vehicle accidents cause a quite a bit of the of auto glass damage that we see on a regular basis. Vehicle accidents regularly mean auto glass impacts and immense windshield and window strain. Luckily for drivers everywhere, auto glass damage is getting to be one of the cheapest fixes in the wake of a vehicle on vehicle accident.

1. Weather

Inclement weather causes a huge range of auto glass damage in the United States and not just in the Midwestern States. Storms of all manner cause glass damage often damage that has to be completely replaced and not repaired. Hail, icy rain and heavy wind can all lead to major auto glass damage for all kinds of vehicles.

These are just a few of the thousands of reasons drivers come to us for our professional discount auto glass repair and replacement services. This list is just an account of the big five reasons we often hear at our auto glass repair shop. We hope it can help drivers prepare for auto glass damage ahead of time and prevent it wherever possible.







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Insurance Tips: Slow Down and Buckle Up.

Posted by Joshua on Friday May 24, 2013 Under Auto Glass, Insurance Tips

A few basic auto insurance tips have to do with general auto safety and legalities. It’s a good idea for drivers to pay attention to their speed and make sure they buckle their safety belt. Driving at a safe speed protects the vehicle from all kinds of damage while protecting the driver from law enforcement. Likewise, keeping the safety belt buckled while driving protects drivers from accidents and from tickets. Both maintaining safe speeds and buckling up can prevent major increases in insurance rates.

Drivers speed regularly on surface streets and highways all over America. As far as breaking the law goes, traffic citations are the bottom of the barrel. Seeding tickets can immediately increase a driver’s insurance premiums. Multiple tickets can and often do result in multiple increases to insurance rates. Drivers are advised to maintain a safe speed at all times. Driving at a safe speed has an added benefit of prevent auto glass and auto body damage due to high speed debris impacts.

Everyone has seen the adds that read “Buckle up it’s the law.” They have popped up nationwide in the last two decades. The fact is local governments make huge revenues on seat belt related tickets and the crackdowns are under way. Drivers can avoid rate increases by simply buckling up and avoiding this kind of ticket. Buckling up can protect a driver in several ways beyond law enforcement. No one wants to have an up close meeting with their auto glass.

It’s not terribly difficult. Drivers can save time, energy stress and money by following these basic insurance tips. Slowing down and buckling up can protect drivers from auto glass related injury and from rate increases due to tickets.

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Most drivers opt for the lowest deductible that they can manage and still have a good rate. Some drivers are even willing to pay a high monthly rate in order to pay an extremely low deductible in the wake of an unexpected accident. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but for thousands of drivers it is a huge waste of money. Drivers who are only on the road infrequently can save a bundle by accepting a high deductible.

For drivers who are on the road frequently, especially on the road in high traffic lanes, a low deductible probably is the better idea. For drivers in rural areas, urban drivers who use other methods of transportation and older drivers who only use the vehicle for errands that only take them a short distance, a high deductible plan can be a great idea. A driver with low risk can make much better use of a high deductible plan and will save quite a bit on their monthly rate.

A high deductible means that a driver will pay more in an accident than a high cost plan with a low deductible. Drivers that have a deductible in excess of $500 are advised to keep some money held back just in case of emergencies. Accidents do happen and even if a driver is in a low risk zone and there is no way to be prepared for every other driver. Saving a deductible payment is a smart move if you’ve saving on monthly payments.

Many drivers can take advantage of a high deductible plan. Short distance drivers and infrequent drivers can save hundreds or thousands of dollars with a high deductible plan. Many insurance companies charge extremely low rates with high deductible plans. Just in case of emergencies, drivers are encouraged to keep some cash back to help with the payments on a high deductible plan.

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Spring and summer are auto glass repair season for thousands of drivers around the united states. Weather and roadside debris can be rough in the winter and fall and do often lead to a wide range of auto damage, but summer tends to see even more auto glass repair and replacement work. More drivers take to the roads in the spring and summer, and more recreational vehicles have glass problems that require a mobile auto glass repair specialist. Drivers that have put off auto glass repair and replacement because they haven’t been using the vehicle in the fall or winter tend to have repairs taken care of in early spring and summer.

Drivers take to the road in droves in the spring and summer months. Vacations, camping trips and, day trips are all popular reasons to drive take road trips, sometimes extended one. That kind of action on the roads means auto glass damage is a regular occurrence in the spring and summer. Drivers are advised to keep appraised of the local auto glass repair centers in case of an accident.

Many drivers need a reputable auto glass company early in the warmer seasons, and for many drivers this means mobile auto glass repair providers are the best option. Drivers can often find a quality mobile auto glass provider even if they haven’t prepared ahead of time. Looking for local auto glass specialists with an online instant quote is a great way to find an auto glass repair specialist in a pinch.

Summer also means it’s time to repair and replace glass on regular and recreational vehicles. RV’s, campers, ATV’s, boats and other vehicles all have glass damage. Most of the damage occurs in the spring and summer and is best handled at the time of the incident, but it doesn’t always shake out that way. Mobile auto glass solutions are always a great idea for vehicles that can’t make it into a standard repair shop.

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Local insurance providers are often the best options on the market and can provide outstanding values. Everyone knows that national auto insurance companies are more than happy to take their money. The sheer amount of commercials for auto insurance is a pretty big hint that it’s a buyers’ market. Many drivers never stop to consider the smaller, local auto insurance providers when skipping straight to the national networks. This is unfortunate as drivers can often save quite a bit of time, money and energy.

Insurance is only available state to state, so many of the national “chains” of insurance simply refer drivers to a large state office. Many smaller branches and offices are often available, and the local insurance provider isn’t always on the radar. Local insurance branches tend to offer quality, personal service at rates than can meet or beat the national brands.

Local providers know that the size of their client base is often directly related to the rates they can provide. This means that local providers tend to run a lean business and provide as much value as possible to their clients. Local insurance providers can often offer lower rates and a variety of amenities that major branches might not offer.

Local branches tend to be run by one or two insurance agents, who will work to assist the customer in any way possible. This means a far more personal and direct service than dealing with a national brand with a 1-800 number. Local insurance agents pride themselves on low costs and understandable insurance policies. The next time you need to renew insurance, make sure to check in to your local auto insurance providers.

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Mobile auto glass repair has more than a few benefits. A typical mobile auto glass technician can repair chips cracks and dings in a wide range of laminated glass surfaces. In many cases, this includes glass damage around the home. When calling for mobile auto glass repairs, it is always a good idea to mention any other glass replacement or repair or replacement you may need. Even if the auto glass specialist doesn’t have the repair materials you need, they can probably point you in the right direction. Many auto glass specialists can perform additional services on site as well, including window motor repair, wiper replacement and, in some cases, window tinting.

Make sure to ask your auto glass repair technician or service what all types of service they provide, as they may be able to save you time and money, as well as fixing or replacing your broken auto glass. Many auto glass repair services tend to stock a wide range of glass and may be able to provide new glass table tops, windows or other basic glass work for the home. Small chips, cracks and dents in home glass can also be repaired by an expert auto glass service technician with the proper tools.

Beyond actual glass repair, mobile auto glass specialists can often repair auto glass components like motors, window assemblies and cracked or broken mirror components. Even if an auto glass specialist can’t perform home glass repair, they likely can point customers in the right direction to get the glass repairs they need. Auto glass specialists can almost always perform any and all auto glass repairs or replacements on site. Usually on site work is even cheaper than going to a non-specialist shop to have auto glass work done in the first place.



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