There is no need to call for a tow when you could call for mobile glass repair. Drivers often feel like calling for a tow adds insult to injury. In addition to whatever problems the vehicle is currently having, and the costs to have them fixed, a towing service can add anywhere from fifty to one hundred and fifty dollars in costs. For mechanical, electrical and other problems that prevent the vehicle from being driven, this can be unavoidable. For auto glass damage that prevents driving, there is a cheap and simple solution in mobile glass repair. Mobile glass repair services can perform glass repair, or replacement, on site. Many mobile glass specialists offer significant discounts beyond the savings of time and money that having them come to you can provide.

Mobile auto glass specialists are typically available in urban areas as well as many rural communities. If one is not immediately nearby, calling the nearest mobile auto glass specialists in an urban location can’t hurt. A mobile glass repair service will often travel beyond the confines of a city or small community to help drivers in the region. Mobile auto glass service is almost guaranteed to be cheaper than calling for a tow. Most auto glass specialists also offer significantly lower rates for glass repair and replacement than full service shops. If your vehicle has auto glass damage that prevents it from driving, like major cracks, shatters or gouges, a mobile auto glass service can save you time as well as money. Call a mobile glass repair service before you call for a tow.


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Insurance Tips: More Vehicles, More Savings.

Posted by Joshua on Monday Mar 4, 2013 Under Insurance Tips

One quick way to save money with auto insurance is to make sure that if you have multiple policies, you are grouping them all through one insurance provider. In almost every circumstance, an insurance company will offer discounts if you group multiple vehicles together. This can offer enormous savings to families, businesses with automotive fleets and anyone who owns multiple vehicles or needs multiple policies. This type of bundled insurance savings is also typically available with different types of policies. Homeowners and renters can often benefit from these increased savings as well as multiple vehicle and vehicle fleet owners.

Insurance providers of all sizes can benefit by offering multiple policies to one client. Each insurance policy you pay into typically means a fair amount of profit for an insurance company, in exchange for offering you a financial safety net in case of an emergency. By offering consumers a discounted rate on individual policies. an insurance company earns the profits on each of the policies annually. Auto insurance policies for cars, boats, commercial and privately owned vehicles are all easily bundled by many insurance companies. Many renters insurance and homeowners insurance policies can be bundled as well, offering drivers another way to save.

If you have multiple vehicles in your family, or your home based small business uses multiple vehicles, bundling the policies is an enormous money saver. Even in families with just one vehicle and renters insurance, the savings can add up quickly over the course of a year. The more policies you use with one insurance carrier the more that carrier stands to profit, so it’s good business for them to offer discounts for bundling policies together. If you have multiple insurance policies with different providers, ask your preferred provider if they offer a discount for bundling services.


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